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No One True God

There can be no one true god for the entire universe.

In June, 2020, this author published a book titled Observing Our Universe.

The subject of the book was cosmology.

Among the conclusions of the book are:

a) there was no big bang

b) the universe has no limits so it must be considered an infinite unbounded volume.

What we can observe fro Earth are galaxies and quasars, some times in clusters but scattered somewhat randomly with a separation in millions to billions of light years.

At such distances, many, many human lifetimes must pass to possibly measure any change in a position.

On the scale of this universe the concept of one true god fails.

There was no moment of creation. The universe has no beginning. It is there and always has been.

On Earth each culture makes their gods in their image. As a result all the cultures on earth create gods with human characteristics.

One could say the only possible one true god for Earth is some reflection of a human.

On any planet in the universe beyond Earth, its intelligent life forms will create their gods, if any, in their image.

Therefore around the universe, all these variations will not converge to define the one true god for the universe.

Every god is always defined by the culture which needs one or more gods who are created by people to control the natural chaos in life.

There can never be one true god for the universe as long as there is more than one intelligent life form hich is inclined to create them.

created - June 29, 2020
last change - 06/29/2020

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