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Physical Reality

the post:

In the Holographic Theory of the Universe, all the information within an event horizon is contained on the surface of that event horizon. That means it is mathematically equal to say that you live at the surface of the universe or you live here in this projected three-dimensional place.

It included a link to a youtube video titled "Leonard Susskind on the world as hologram"

Someone else commented and the OP replied:

Well, light can cut through steel when it is focused in a laser, so, yes, of course, we are under the laws of nature regardless of what the universe actually is. No one really knows what it is, I think.

My reply to that:

?? No one really knows what the universe is. ?? Do you want comments on that statement?

his response:

I think no one fully comprehends physical reality Why? Are you the one who knows exactly what it all is, how it was made, by whom, for what purpose, etc?

my comment:

Several questions! 1) Each person can grasp physical reality using one's senses. All life on this planet has adapted to its physical environment or reality.
Humans have 5 senses. Some animals have variations in their senses. Some animals hear sound over a different span of frequencies than humans.

We experience physical reality through our senses. We are intelligent and have created instruments to detect radiation frequencies we can't see like radio and X-ray. We are intelligent and capable of experiments to extend our experience of reality.

We are limited by technology for the details in our environment. That limit and others (like the Zone of Avoidance) means it is impossible to experience the entire universe.

Therefore the answer to (1) is there are limits to our observations. However using experiments we can extend our understanding of what can be observed.
Your use of 'fully' implies without limit which is impossible.
The answer to (2) of why is simple: The universe is infinite and complex so we can take on only what we can experience.

The answer to (3) of what it all is - is the same as (2).

We live in a universe that cannot be fully comprehended.

Questions (4) and those that follow are about creation and a creator.

In human experience, everything appears to follow a sequence. This is the cause/effect illusion. Actually, in physical reality, everything is spontaneous, the result of the  interaction of every influence at that instant, whether physical or social.

Two simple examples are brownian motion and the impossibility of predicting the exact time and location of the first rain drop falling from a cloud.

In this spontaneous universe, some are confused, by our interpretation of reality as sequential, to believe this physical reality required a beginning. This is silly because in this story whatever triggered the start was present before this action. so a true beginning is impossible. The actor taking action is unknown for using unknown contents being triggered, to eventually become our unknown universe.

The very proposition of an actor for a start denies the universe is spontaneous.

Having a background in chemistry and physics, I know about many laws in nature. These laws are our descriptions of how we perceive the universe to function, as confirmed by experiments.
Nature does not follow our laws. If we refine our laws of physics, nature does not react. We just improved our understanding of this spontaneous interaction we observe.

A goal of humans is understanding this universe we live in.

It can be a distraction to propose stories about a creation event for our infinite and spontaneous universe. Some accept the chaos of nature, while others have an emotional need for a sense of order with a supervisor watching over everything. This need or its lack varies by the individual.

(end of my comment)

After a few exchanges by several members, someone posted this interesting TED talk:

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality by Anil Seth


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