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Cosmology Phrase Translator

A language translator reference compares phrases in different languages
here is a "preliminary" cosmology phrase translator.

Here are the two 'languages':
a) modern cosmology, based on the force of gravity, and
b) Electric Universe cosmology, based on electromagnetic forces (with gravity having only a minor role).

Several well known topics are listed, followed by its explanation in each cosmology.

Perhaps my explanations are not always correct for either cosmology but this is "preliminary" as an excuse.

Object name   

1. X-ray point source at spiral galaxy core
2. X-ray point source not at (1) but at either:
another galaxy core, like M87 elliptical

2b) somewhere else, like in any galaxy with the X-ray source as a binary accompanied by a normal star in orbit causing periodic occultations (known as an X-ray binary). This X-ray source is too strong to be just a star.

3. Spiral galaxy rotation force
4. Spiral galaxy rotation anomaly

5. wind beyond Earth's atmosphere

6. either a neutron star, a magnetar, or a pulsar
7. light from a distant source bending at the Sun's edge
8. arc or circle, often observed in a distant galaxy cluster, around a giant elliptical galaxy

9. magnetic field is measured

Eventually more terms could be added as needed.

A translation of those objects by two alternate cosmologies:

Standard Cosmology

1. black hole with accretion disk emitting thermal radiation extending to X-ray
2. black hole with accretion disk emitting thermal radiation extending to X-ray

3. gravity causes rotation with the visible mass and an indeterminate amount of dark matter where needed (e.g., disk and halo).

4. dark matter in the disk causes the anomaly (the departure from the model)

5. clouds of gas and dust can be moved by a wind, just like in the atmosphere of Earth but also in interstellar or intergalactic space which are both essentially a vacuum.

6. a brief period for the pulsing in output is explained by very fast rotation of this small, compressed, impossibly dense body
This body consisting of only neutrons (no charge) has a magnetic field that can provide a mechanism for X-rays. This mechanism has not been verified.

7. Gravitational lens
This explanation is critical to claim a proof of relativity.

8. Gravitational lens
The image cannot be explained so it must be a distortion.

9. Magnetic fields are measured but with no identified source so it remains unexplained.

EU Cosmology

1. Birkelund current pair with Z-pinch generates synchrotron radiation, extending to X-ray

2. Plasmoid generates synchrotron radiation, extending to X-ray

3. Electric current through the galactic core creates a magnetic field which is a force for angular rotation of charged objects e.g., stars) by its 'right-hand rule'

4. Model is wrong so its prediction is wrong; when correctly considering the magnetic field there is no anomaly.

5. solar wind is known to be charged particles accelerating away from the Sun by its electric field. In galaxies, dust clouds are observed to have sculpted shapes or to be missing and the claimed invisible wind is the wrong explanation when electromagnetic forces can move charged particles.

6. plasmoid, when observed to change with a measured period that is an electrically driven change in the plasmoid, not from rotation

7. plasma in the Sun's atmosphere at its surface edge will bend light as observed

8. plasma filament in a ring around an elliptical galaxy. When not a complete circle but the radius is maintained then the plasma is switching between arc mode and dark mode.
The image is correct. There is no distortion.

9. This is basic physics. A magnetic field is generated only by moving charges. If a magnetic field is measured there must be moving charges. Plasma moving as a current can be in either arc mode or dark mode.

EU references (just a few):

1,3,4: youtube search "donald scott galaxy"

2,6: youtube search "thornhill plasmoid"

5: youtube search "sky scholar solar wind"

7: youtube search "dowdye light bending"

8: internet search (not youtube): "collection of rings and distortions"

The correct web page is titled 'Collection of rings and distortions, with images' - with a long set of objects including both a link to the object's story and a link to just its image.

Note: my (8) is not an 'EU approved' explanation. At the top, this is preliminary.

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