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Dark Matter As a Placeholder

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Dark matter as a placeholder for what we don't understand about gravity ...

As concise as I can say it, my idea is that gravity is a consequence of spin, where spin induces torsion (or torque) on the fabric of space. Twisted spaces seek to untwist, which leads to gravity, attraction between two twisted spaces.
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my comment:
Dark matter is more complicated than you describe.
It has two reasons for being 25% of the universe.
1) spiral galaxies don't rotate as expected,

2) the universe has structures that cannot be explained by visible matter.

The problem with both reasons:

1) cosmology is based on late-19th century physics when gravity was believed the only important force affecting motion.
Gravity explained our solar system so well Neptune and Pluto were predicted, though the Pluto prediction was off a little.
In the late 1800's some physicists assumed we knew it all.
Relativity and cosmology use only gravity as the important force.

The model for a spiral galaxy assumes the galaxy rotates like our solar system.

It does not. When enough visible matter could not explain this observation the solution was there is missing matter whose gravity is causing the deviation from the model. This missing matter is called dark matter.

Stars are mostly ionized hydrogen so each is a massive positive charged body.
A spiral galaxy has a strong magnetic field. The Lorentz force is tangential so the spiral arms are being pushed by the magnetic field.

Dark matter is the excuse for the ignored magnetic field which has a force on charged bodies, dependent on distance.
Cosmologists that use the gravitational field in their model find the curve matches. No dark matter needed.

2) Plasma has various unique behaviors and one is developing filaments.

Filamentary structures are observed to span distances between galaxies.

Gravity can only attract matter so its structures are limited to spheres, like planets. Gravity alone cannot organize matter into the visible structures.

Since there is nothing else available that is visible, dark matter is assumed to be present in and along these filaments to be the hidden source of gravity in the necessary distribution to get the visible matter to form the visible filament structure.
Dark matter is simply an excuse for the failure to realize plasma forms filaments without requiring gravity.

Dark matter is not a placeholder; it is a failure. It stops the attempt to solve the problem.
Dark matter is only a placeholder, if that word is used, until cosmology changes its antiquated assumption.

There is no dark matter.

Cosmology must recognize electromagnetic forces and the importance of plasma.

Hannes Alfven was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970 for essentially starting the science of plasma physics.

Cosmology has yet to adapt to the sea change begun in 1970.

No one should waste time trying to find or understand dark matter. It does not exist.
It has been proposed because cosmologists failed to explain observations.

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