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Removing Dark Matter and Dark Energy to Fix Cosmology

Cosmology can eliminate dark matter and dark energy after following my suggestions in a few posts.

a) On February 17 I posted: Cosmic Microwave Background CMB

b) On October 25 I posted: Correct Rules for Using Absorption and Emission Lines

c) On October 12 I posted: Observer's Universe
d) On October 17 I posted: Flaws of Relativity

e) On October 27 I posted: Story of Dark Matter

If one agrees with my posts:
(e) explains why there is no dark matter.
(b) explains how following the correct rules fixes the mistakes that resulted in dark energy.
(c and d) explain the problems with relativity in cosmology.

Together these posts explain how to fix cosmology and remove its 'problems' of a big bang, universe expansion and relativity-related black hole and gravitational lensing.
Certainly these posts have many outside references. All I did is collect the work of others into a series of posts. Other posts are related bu this is the concise list.

However, perhaps this set could be a start in defining the problems in modern cosmology and moving to the Electric Universe cosmology, an alternative to the current one based on relativity.

Covering all the main issues was my goal and these posts provide a beginning on all those topics mentioned.

I know some disagree with my posts but this could be a helpful list for those willing to consider an alternate cosmology.
This post is not a new complete cosmology. I have been pointing out problems in the current one with possible changes like: the galactic magnetic field removes a need for dark matter.
This post is a recap.
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