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Problem With Relativity

the post [sic]:


I just realised this:
Einstein said that time is relative, like velocity. If object A travels just over half the speed of light away from object B, and object C travels just over half the speed the speed of light away from object B in the opposite direction, then to an observer on object A, C would be travelling faster than the speed if light

Relativity disproves Relativity

My initial comment:

On October 17 I posted the topic: Flaws of Relativity.
This post included its error with c as a speed limit and several links to other references.

Someone else offered this comment:

Do you think that, over the past 100+ years, among all the thousands of physicists who have examined the theory, you have found a flaw? And you managed to do all this, without the need for math?
There is a good deal more to relativity than we find in the various popularizations describing it. Without using math, descriptions become incomplete and misleading. Relying solely on these popularizations is likely to lead to mistaken conclusions.

My comment to that:
 it is not just me; that post included other references. You need to appreciate science is the accumulation of knowledge and it must be verified along the way. Maybe we are wrong but it is right to question dogma.

His response:

 All the same, it is highly unlikely that, after so much time and so much investigation by physicists - many of whom tried to find flaws in the theory - it is unlikely that such a simple objection could have gone unperceived. I repeat that without the math, criticisms of the theory are unpersuasive.
my response:

I must point out part of the problem with relativity is applying its math. Relativity is all about the observer having a distorted reference frame. This distortion is caused by only a gravitational field.
Maybe spacetime is a correct representation of how gravity can disturb the observer's path.
Maybe that is why thousands believe it.
However, each celestial object is not an observer choosing a destination within its coordinate system which is being distorted.
The objects in the universe don't move by following coordinates. Their path is affected by the 3 fundamental forces: gravity, electric, magnetic.
Light does not travel by choosing a destination in its coordinate system. Light always travels straight, unless diffracted in a medium.
The math might be ok but it is not ok to apply it to celestial objects. Those objects do not move according to a mathematically changing coordinate system.

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