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Galaxy vs Solar System

the post:
If the galaxy is like a huge electric motor and solar systems are smaller versions of this engine.

If there is an extreme change in current is it possible for that current change to change the distance between planets?

i.e. Earth and Mars are closer than normal or farther away.

my comment:
There is very little similarity between the Milky Way and our solar system.
The Milky Way has the axial birkelund current pair generating the galactic magnetic field whose Lorentz force results in the disk rotation because the stars are positively charged. Currents through the spiral arms provide their own magnetic field which maintains some structure to the rotation of the respective arms.
In the solar system gravity can explain all the orbits because the barycenter is the focus of each object's ellipse including the Sun. Though electromagnetic forces are present they seem to have little effect on this barycenter focus for motion. The Sun is at the center of its heliopause 'sphere' that encompasses the solar system and the planets are not driven in motion like stars. The Earth-Moon rotate about their barycenter suggesting anything plasma-related is barely relevant.

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