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 Consequences Of Discrediting LIGO

In my opinion discrediting LIGO presents an opportunity to point out major issues in modern cosmology because it is so publicly connected to them.

Cosmologists have frequently stressed the importance of LIGO confirming the prediction of Einstein for gravitational waves.
Cosmologists are now basing many theories and projects on the wrong assumption LIGO verified there are gravitational waves.

Discrediting LIGO points out there was no confirmation of Einstein and his prediction.
LIGO was never detecting gravitational waves.

There are no gravitational waves because spacetime is a mathematical model and is not real. Spacetime was originally defined by the Special Theory of Relativity for only an accelerating observer. Einstein was wrong to apply spacetime to the universe, including the invalid gravitational waves.

LIGO is never detecting black hole mergers.

A black hole is a concept in the mathematical  curvature of spacetime. There is no curvature and no spacetime and there is no black hole.

Modern cosmology is based on relativity and spacetime. Neither are confirmed.

Spacetime is not real so there is no expanding universe with its claimed fabric ever accelerating faster than c.
With no expanding universe there was no big bang.

I doubt discrediting LIGO can do all the above but LIGO is directly connected to a number of critical concepts in modern cosmology. They are frequently associated in the media.
To discredit one brings others into doubt as well when many are so connected.

After a number of comments I added this comment:

I predicted using a full moon as the cause for the detections. Now LIGO must prove their claimed cause for their detections. The full moon is my evidence. They have none.

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