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Star Being Ejected from Our Galaxy

the post:
A Star Ejected from the Milky Way's 'Heart of Darkness' Has Reached a Mind-Blowing Speed

from the story:

a star was launched from the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy at a staggering 3.7 million mph (6 million km/h).

my comment:
This 'confident' researcher is very creative.

excerpt from the source ===
The star S5-HVS1 is 2.35 M-Sun A-type star located at a distance of 9 kpc from the Sun and has a heliocentric radial velocity of 1017 2.7  km/s without any signature of velocity variability. The current 3-D velocity of the star in the Galactic frame is 1755 50  km/s. When integrated backwards in time, the orbit of the star points unambiguously to the Galactic Centre, implying that S5-HVS1 was kicked away from Sgr A* with a velocity of 1800  km/s and travelled for 4.8 Myr to its current location. This is so far the only HVS confidently associated with the Galactic Centre. S5-HVS1 is also the first hyper-velocity star to provide constraints on the geometry and kinematics of the Galaxy, such as the Solar motion Vy, Sun = 246.1 5.3  km s/s or position R0 = 8.12 0.23 kpc. The ejection trajectory and transit time of S5-HVS1 coincide with the orbital plane and age of the annular disk of young stars at the Galactic centre, and thus may be linked to its formation. With the S5-HVS1 ejection velocity being almost twice the velocity of other hyper-velocity stars previously associated with the Galactic Centre, we question whether they have been generated by the same mechanism or whether the ejection velocity distribution has been constant over time.

All of the above came from analyzing just this star's spectrum!

We certainly don't know where this star was '4.8 Myr' ago.

I expect from a spectrum analysis one could calculate a relative velocity in Earth's direction from a Doppler effect. There are no data for another vector.

Without a history it is impossible to calculate its 'ejection trajectory' unless one is very creative.
The description implies the chaotic motions of stars near the galactic center are used in some manner but none of those stars has an orbit with its parameters confirmed to conform to a Kepler defined ellipse so, being 'random' none can be used for another analysis.

$34 is required to access the entire document. With its sensational claims that investment cannot be justified.

The justification for this ridiculous velocity and its suspicious trajectory is not available.

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