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Various Electric Universe Reference Materials

I assembled some reference materials about the Electric Universe Theory.
This is just my opinion of what is important.
Any mistakes are mine.

I suspect this information is useful to the EUT group members.

I feel Thunderbolts Project has many references but no place to begin using them.
This is just my suggestion.

Attached is a 4-page pdf comparing the standard cosmology to the Electric Universe cosmology.
This comparison describes the phrases and terminology used in each cosmology.

Following are several online references where helpful about the EU cosmology.

a) black holes and relativity

Youtube search:
"Crothers black holes relativity"

this should find video titled:
"Stephen Crothers: Black Holes & Relativity, Part One | EU 2013"

and also Part Two

b) big bang

Youtube search:
"thornhill big bang"

This should find video titled:
" Wal Thornhill: Big Bang - Time to Wipe the Chalkboard Clean | Space News"

c) Electric Sun

web search:
"evidence for condensed matter Sun"

This should find the Robitaille paper from 2013 titled:
Its title:
"Forty Lines of Evidence for Condensed Matter — The Sun on Trial: Liquid Metallic Hydrogen as a Solar Building Block"

web search:
"the electric sun donald scott"

This should find the Donald Scott paper from 2013, titled:

"The Electric Sun"

web or youtube search:
"the electronic sun donald scott"

This should find the Donald Scott video at the EU Conference 2012, titled:

"Donald Scott The Electronic Sun Electric Universe 2012"

youtube search:
"donald scott safire and the electric sun "
This should find this video titled:

"Donald Scott: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun | Space News"

d) gravitational waves

youtube search:
"impossibility of gravitational waves"

This should find the Wal Thornhill video titled:

"Big Science and the impossibility of Gravitational Waves | Space News"

e) plasmoid

youtube search:
"thornhill black hole or plasmoid"

This should find the Wal Thornhill video titled:

"Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid? | Space News"

f) plasma

web search:
"universe 99.999%  plasma"

This should find the page  titled:
"99.999%  plasma"

This plasma universe web site offers useful articles about plasma.

g) birkelund current

web search:
"birkelund current plasma"

This should find the page  titled:
"Birkelund current | Plasma-Universe-dot-com"
< gets . not dot but this avoids the link>

web search:
"donald scott birkelund current dark matter"

This should find the web page titled:
"Birkelund currents and Dark Matter - ptep-online-dot-com"

to the 2018 paper (pdf) titled:
"Birkelund currents and Dark Matter"

h) neutron star

youtube search:
"invention of neutron star"

This should find the video titled:
"The Invention of the Neutron Star | Space News"

i) solar system creation

youtube search:
"the ganymede hypothesis parts"

This should find the video titled:
"The Ganymede Hypothesis Parts 1 & 2 (illustrated)"

j) understanding stars

youtube search:
"sky scholar solar lmh model"

This should find the video titled:
"The Sun is NOT a Gaseous Plasma! The LMH Solar Model!"

youtube search:
"mass-luminosity relationship"

This should find the video titled:
"Eddington's Mass-Luminosity Relationship: A Violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics"

The Sky Scholar channel on YouTube has many excellent videos so these two are just a suggestion for a start.

My personal opinion is the attached file along with the above references could help EUT members (but only if I made no big mistakes).

The reader decides whether this content is useful.


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