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Cratering on peaks of an asteroid

21 Lutetia asteroid was imaged by the Rosetta fly-by  during the encounter in 2010, getting 462 images of 50% of the surface (while at 15km/s).

This 100 km asteroid has craters and grooves.

The 2 most interesting round craters are:

1) just left of center (named Bonna in ESA image)
This is on the high point.
2) at the bottom (named Patavium in ESA image)
This is another high point.

Also interesting is the rim shot just above to the left of the bigger one. (named Bagacum in ESA image)
There was a round crater formed, then another discharge hit on its rim.

There are many little, round, sputter craters from the encounter. This asteroid still rotates every 8 hours.

The description offers 7 geological regions about the terrain and impacts as well as the assumed history of this asteroid. Its dust layer might be 3km thick.

Lightning bolts prefer a high point.


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