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This collection of topics, a brief view of life, could be used to teach an adolescent the basics about life.


A baby begins with a special moment between the mother and father, when a part of the mother (an egg) and a part of the father (a sperm) unite into a new life, and grows in the lower tummy of the mother until being born about 9 months later. A baby begins its life (at the moment of conception and after) with pieces of its parents and beyond. The baby's eye color, hair color, and other physical attributes can be traced to its parents, or perhaps grandparents or other ancestors.

As the baby grows and matures, the child will learn about life from its parents, siblings and relatives. The child's personality will take shape from his/her parents and others involved during the upbringing. In school, the child will learn about life from his/her teachers and fellow students. As an adult, the person will continue to mature by the social connections with his/her spouse, co-workers and neighbors.

A big oak tree will drop an acorn, its seed for a new tree. If the nut is fortunate enough to fall where it can get covered properly, the nut will take root and begin to grow into a tree. The health of this new tree depends on many factors, like the quality of the soil the root has found, the amount of water available in the topsoil (and deeper as the tree's roots grow deeper) as well as the degree of sunshine that could be blocked by shade from other trees.

A baby grows out of its world, very much a part of the people and culture in its environment. This is similar to other life on Earth, whether plants like an oak tree or other animals. All new life comes out of the life and nature where it arose.

Some people will claim that each person is put into this world (like an alien) by a supernatural god (with god-given skills) and after death there is a soul in each person's body that somehow lives forever without its body. This claim makes no sense when understanding the cycle of life, whether in people or in all other life on Earth.

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