Culture and Religion

Observations about society, including culture and religion, and about life. With our inherent social nature, group behaviors are important, such as divide and conquer, absolute power, or conformance, in the critical issues of our day. A team with diverse skills can accomplish what an individual cannot. Our problems are solved when we work together.

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Books of Science and Mythology

Books of Zen and Religion

Books of Politics


I have collected lists of various books that I found to be enlightening. Rather than one huge list I broke the list into three.

For reference, I checked whether has each book (though of course they do not have to be obtained there); if a book is listed then I provided a link as that site provides customer reviews. Amazon will sometimes move its files to another path but hopefully these links still work as a convenience. Obviously anyone can do their own search.

The date shown in parentheses is the date that page was last changed.

I grouped them as:

books about science and mythology (08/12/2011)

books about Zen and religion (03/02/2008)

books about politics (04/28/2013)

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