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Cosmology Research Papers

Here are several research papers written to address the main problems in modern cosmology.
I wrote them in this order, but that is not necessarily their priority for reading or implementation. Each link is a pdf. The cover page has its revision date.

1) link Detecting a Gravitational Wave


2) link Clarifying Redshifts
(01/04/2020 - updated 01/18/2020)

3) link Verification of Dark Matter Finding

4) link Space-time in Cosmology

5) link Quasar Hypothesis

6) link Sphere of Stars Conjecture

(01/10/2020 - updated 01/18/2020)

(1) explains exactly what LIGO detects and it is not a gravitational wave.

(2) explains redshifts, when and why they are used wrong, and the correct rules for their use. There is no dark energy

(3) explains why the current search for undefined dark matter could result in a finding but any finding is impossible to verify. There is no dark matter.

(4) explains space-time and why it should not be used in cosmology. There is no black hole.

(5) explains a quasar and its anomalous redshift.

(6) is a conjecture on the behaviors of a sphere of stars which includes a globular cluster and elliptical galaxy. These spheres of their different sizes are not fully explained in cosmology. The lack of data results in a conjecture awaiting more data.

(1) to (5) present corrections to critical assumptions in modern cosmology. They result in the conclusion there is no big bang, as others have also concluded for their own reasons.

(6) is complicated and in progress. If a paper is updated the current date of revision is on the cover page.

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Last updated (01/18/2020)

Here is the list of topics in this Cosmology Topic Group , including my research.

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