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This collection of topics, a brief view of life, could be used to teach an adolescent the basics about life.


Death is a part of life. Everything that is alive will eventually die. Some animals might live only a few days while there are trees that can live for a few thousand years.

Most plants, though not all, require another of its species for cross-pollination, where one helps the other bear fruit or make seeds. Most animals, though not all, require another of its species for mating where the male provides the sperm while the female provides the egg and the combination produces a new offspring for the pair. Some animals will bear multiple offspring, with the number often tied to the life span of the animal where animals with short lives will have more babies while animals with long lives will have few babies. The relative numbers help the animal survive in its environment (since a short life span will need sheer numbers to make sure enough are producing offspring).

Each plant or animal has some set of natural requirements, whether they are amount of sun and water to grow or perhaps a collection of plants or other animals to feed upon. The degree these are available will determine how many of this plant or animal will survive, so as those conditions change (like cyclical changes in temperature) the population can go up or down. This is a very dynamic process, to the extent the plants or animals might be even move over time as conditions slowly change and it is even possible a plant or animal could be wiped out, like the dinosaurs of many years ago.

The life of a person also follows a progression, from infant (very dependent on others), to child (growing and learning), to adolescent (learning how to interact with others), to adult (responsible to/for others, either in the family or on the job), to senior (diminished physically, possibly dependent on others).

Some will claim after the body dies a person's soul will live forever, where the soul represents the person's identity and can somehow become detached from that body. This claim makes no sense when understanding the cycle of life, whether in people or in all other life on Earth. If any life remains intact forever, it has no context for growth and is immune to decline, and therefore the eternal life serves no purpose to itself or nature.

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