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This collection of topics, a brief view of life, could be used to teach an adolescent the basics about life.

Fate has been defined as
the development of [unexpected] events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. 
Each person must deal with unexplainable events that can ruin one's plan(s). In the context of that definition, a person's control is really just their plan in progress.  No person can attain complete control in their life.
if the person cannot accept the chaos of nature for the surprise, then the person can impose order on the chaos by assigning responsibility for these events on an invisible supernatural deity.  This sequence is also how a religion starts, which also identifies a deity to impose a sense of order on the chaos using a deity.

Fate is really just another name for the emotion felt, like frustration, when a plan fails to execute as wished, and the person needs to put the blame for the failure on someone else (supernatural) rather than on the chaos of nature to be comfortable with life having a sense of order again. This person requires a sense of order in their life and fate is a disruption in that order. A person blaming fate is not willing to accept the chaos of nature.
I suspect most people live with a sense of order.
An alarm clock is set so the day begins roughly the same time as others in the critical social group for this person, whether that be the family, a school, or an employer. A social group has members sharing a unity of purpose, whether in the same grade or in the same work group. A work group typically has someone responsible for the group and its purpose. A day like this becomes comfortable when dealing with the same people in one or more social groups, every day doing similar activities.

I find it ironic a person could feel life is under control when following just a daily routine.
The only step of the day truly under the person's control is the time on that alarm.
On waking an initial mood will be felt whether the night or sleep were restful. This  condition  at the start of the day is not predictable for any other person being encountered that day, which of course affects their subsequent behaviors. Similarly, other social groups or individuals (like customers for a service business) could deviate from their previous goals on a daily basis. However the sense of stability is important  so feeling an encounter with fate could affect motivation.
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