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Observations about society, including culture and religion, and about life. With our inherent social nature, group behaviors are important, such as divide and conquer, absolute power, or conformance, in the critical issues of our day. A team with diverse skills can accomplish what an individual cannot. Our problems are solved when we work together.

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Foreign Policy

The War on Terror

Ending the War on Terror

Making the World Safe for Democracy

Dark Side of World Empire


Justifying Torture after 911

Remember 9-11

War Crimes

Foreign Policy

These pages are about the American foreign policy. The date shown in parentheses is the date that page was last changed.

The War on Terror Did this global conflict really begin as a war on terror or a war with another purpose? (08/13/2003)

Ending the War on Terror. How can this global war on terror reach a conclusion? (11/21/2004)

Making the World Safe for Democracy 2014 marked the 100 year anniversary of the start of World War 1. When President Wilson urged the US to enter the war in 1917, we would “make the world safe for democracy.” Recent interventions in other countries, like Venezuela and Ukraine, appear to have motives other than democracy. (03/16/2014)

Dark Side of Global Empire Recent revelations about American involvement with Al Qaeda, like in Libya and Syria, imply the American goal of global empire is using Al Qaeda as a critical part of foreign policy. The war on terror is using American trained insurgents to instigate the acts of terror. (05/04/2014)

Gaza America provides immunity for Israel to execute its genocide of Palestinians, as seen in the 2014 assault on Gaza. (08/09/2014)

Justifying Torture after 911 The release of the report on CIA torture has also caused ludicrous claims justifying the torture. (12/14/2014)

Remember 9-11 America has used the events of 9-11 to initiate its campaign for global military dominance via its war of terror. Remember 911 to remember the lies and stop this global war of terror. (09/16/2016)

War Crimes America is repeating in 2018 the same sequence for the destruction of a country; Syria is just like Iraq and Libya. WMD are verified as gone and then America invades. These attacks are war crimes. (04/18/2018)

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