Culture and Religion

Observations about society, including culture and religion, and about life. With our inherent social nature, group behaviors are important, such as divide and conquer, absolute power, or conformance, in the critical issues of our day. A team with diverse skills can accomplish what an individual cannot. Our problems are solved when we work together.

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Moral Values

Right to Life

Acceptance of Life

Ethics and Moral Behavior

Guide to Moral Behavior

Change Starts From Within

Morality in Social Beings

Family Decision on Abortion

Sin and Ten Commandments

Decline in Morality

A Joke: Bible and Moral Behavior


Moral Values

These pages are about the interaction of religion, culture and moral values. Our moral values come from our innate social nature, not from ancient scriptures. The date shown in parentheses is the date that page was last changed.

Right to Life and Gay Marriage. Both topics involves sex. Moral values are the talk after the 2004 elections. (11/18/2004)

Acceptance of Life. How a personís accepts life says much about his/her attitude about life and its adventure. (11/21/2004)

Ethics and Moral Behavior. What is true moral or ethical behavior in light of our true nature as social creatures? (12/05/2004)

Finding a Guide for Moral Behavior. Can a guide for moral behavior be obtained from the established religions? (10/08/2006)

Change Starts from Within. Various problems in society will not be solved by more government control. (03/02/2008)

Morality and Accountability in Social Beings. Insights when comparing other intelligent beings, like chimpanzees, bonobos and dolphins. (10/05/2009)

Family Decision on Abortion What are the social costs when a family cannot make its decision on abortion? (02/10/2011)

Sin and the Ten Commandments Defining bad behavior with the Ten Commandments. (09/02/2013)

Decline in Morality The rich and privileged are the class most likely to lie, cheat, and steal, so when they are in control there will be a decline in morality by their example. (06/22/2014)

Joke about the Bible as the Word of God defining proper behavior. (05/19/2003)

Decalogues The Bible has two different versions of the decalogue; this is used to define ethical behavior for those cultures based on the Abrahamic religions, which are rooted in the bible. All other cultures (spanning all of human history, as none them rely on the Abrahamic doctrine) have their ethics defined by their culture, with no need for the decalogues. (05/15/2018)

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