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My Challenges

Here I reminisce about my challenges
Since I have GBM I have no reason to embellish.

1956, my parents created me in an act of love. I began my life with their genetics.
Soon I had an insatiable need to learn; that need continues.
1970-1974. High School. biology, chemistry, physics, math through calculus.
Chess team in state meet, team finished high, math team in state meet, my score was high on team

1974-1976 AEET, almost 4.0
I worked as a welder every morning for 5.5 hr/day, before classes.

1982-1983 BSEET, over 3.9, top grad, gave commencement speech,
major in computer science, minor in math; this effort began with evening classes while working during the day.

1977-1979, company 1 making SCR drives and AC motors
started as technician on circuit boards, advanced to testing drives & motors including multiple cabinets of relays for conveyor systems capable of 'constant tension constant wind'

1979-1983, company 2 making CNC machine tools
started as service technician, advanced to support team for training and handling calls from field servicemen. Also supported an effort using Apple computers to connect to machines by a modem over a phone line.

1983-1990, company 3, making aircraft computers
started as test engineer for maintenance hardware, advanced to help develop new hardware, develop software for testing various devices and for the customers  to use the systems. Needed many trips to support the manufacturing facilities and the customers. Advanced to coordinate all software and documentation for the project.

1990-2001, company 4 main location, making factory automation systems
started as systems engineer for complex cell of CNC machine tools, advanced to develop new software and to do installation and training of these machine and transport systems; re wrote the MIS software package after taking that role from another. Transitioned from cells to PLC motion control systems, including software development and installations of systems; took on support role including a pager.
1990-1996, company 4 separate division, making CMM machines; periodic visits
started as engineer to finish development of DMIS capability, advanced to enhance that and represent the company at various meetings for the completion of the DMIS international standard; my name is in that version (later revisions followed).

2001-2007, company 5, making CNC control based on PC hardware and Windows software, did training and support for customers, advanced to develop software at kernel level for special CNC features and new software to convert customer part programs to this control's syntax to ease a transition.
Took trips to Germany, Taiwan, and Canada  to provide engineering support in person; the company in Canada received specialized software for their hardware applications.

2007-2008, company 6 at 1st location,  making CNC machine tools at multiple sites
started as engineer developing a diagnostics package for new control, advanced to coordinate testing of all features of the new control; these new machines were built on the West Coast.
2008-2016, company 6 at 2nd location
started as engineer developing a retrofit package of a vendor's control, drives, motors, on an old machine. advanced to develop packages for multiple vendors of control, drives, motors to be installed on a variety of machine types of varying vintages. Developed software for use in engineering team including a completely new software package to accommodate part programs for many machine types and several control vendors, including custom operator displays for the different controls; did many installations across US, with each taking 2+ weeks.
I was on a roll until GBM in late 2016.

> 12 different controls

power automation
gemini - Kearney & Trecker
g&l PiC
dec pdp8
dec sbc-1121
dec vax, microvax
sheffield cmm

> 12 different software languages

basic, visual basic
Borland C++
Excel VBA
MS C++
dec-8 assembler
dec sbc-1121 assembler
dec-vax assembler
6502 assembler (apple)
6800 assembler
8086 assembler
sql-ingres (data base)
sql-dec rdb (data base)
dec vms command language
dos commmands & .bat
sun unix command language

mil-std 1750-assembler

flb (cmm programming)
dmis (cmm programming)

IEC-1131 plc programming: ST, Ladder
cnc m/g programming
cnc type-2 macro programming
both cnc langauges: multiple vendors
html (web)

I learned other languages (like Jovial for avionics systems) but did no complete applications.

operating systems
MS Windows, many versions
DEC VAX-VMS multiple user system
unix Sun multiple user system
sperry/unisys multiple user system
unix on pc

developed device drivers at VMS kernel level
(complex context for hardware and software) in VAX assembler
used by my employer and customers

Projects for the family
1984 first house
1989 finished basement: walls, electrical

1991 second house
1996 finished basement: walls, electrical, plumbing

1997 built deck with shingled roof, plus shed, at camper on year-round campground
created - May 2019
last change - 05/20/2019

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