Culture and Religion

Observations about society, including culture and religion, and about life. With our inherent social nature, group behaviors are important, such as divide and conquer, absolute power, or conformance, in the critical issues of our day. A team with diverse skills can accomplish what an individual cannot. Our problems are solved when we work together.

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Origins of Christianity

More about the Origins

Jesus, James, and Paul

Mythology and Planets

Bible as Word of God

Who is Made in Whose Image


Two Christmas Stories

Mythology and Religion

These pages are about our past: mythology and the origin of our religions, especially Christianity. The date shown in parentheses is the date that page was last changed.

The origins of Christianity. The Dead Sea Scrolls and other Biblical research reveal the common interpretations do not match historical evidence. (02/07/2004)

More about the origins of religion. The relationship of ancient mythologies to the origins of Christianity. (02/07/2004)

The life and times of Jesus, James and Paul. Here is recent information about the historical evidence of these three important characters in the New Testament: Jesus, his brother James and the apostle Paul. (09/07/2002)

Mythology and Planets. The main myths involving Venus, Mars and Saturn. Many of the ancient myths, taken from around the world, have similar themes and involve several important planets. (12/16/2001)

The Bible as the Word of God. Who wrote the Bible and when? (11/16/2003)

Who is Made in Whose Image? What does it mean that man is made in the image of God? (10/29/2006)

Easter Did Jesus die because of our sins or because the Romans executed the King of the Jews? (10/07/2012)

Two Christmas Stories Comparison between the story of Santa and the story of Jesus (10/20/2013)

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