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Contend for the Faith, Part III

Pragmatism by T.M. Moore

Exodus chapter 25 contained God's directions for Moses to build the special offering to God, with much gold, silver, brass, fine linen and other precious articles for this would become God's sanctuary to dwell among the Jews. This article points out that Moses could not take God's directions and then form a committee to discuss alternate plans. The emphasis is that man must follow God's plan. Those holding the Biblical world view must beware those of 'questionable ends and dubious means.'

Obviously the Bible does not contain a written plan for everyone on earth to follow. How does one learn of God's plan? The article reveals that 'God declared His intention to build His Church through the work of faithful shepherds who, following the example of the Good Shepherd, look well to the state of God's flock.'

The shepherd with his sheep is an appropriate analogy to the Biblical world view. The leaders of the faith must determine what are the correct interpretations of the Biblical passages. Their interpretations reveal God's plan for the flock. They serve the function of a shepherd of his flock because the passive believers take their directions and guidance from this shepherd and they must not question those interpretations. If they do not obey their leaders and 'they want to pursue religion on their own terms' then such pragmatism weakens the Christian community that leader is responsible for.

This article reveals that many religious leaders are wrong, 'having lost sight of the goal—healthy, growing churches as Paul defined them—and set aside the means—shepherding unto ministry.'

This shepherd and flock arrangement is critical to the survival of the Biblical world view. Its foundation is the interpretation of ancient writings. Its stability depends on preventing the flock from questioning those interpretations

That the Christian religion appears to be on a fragile footing is noteworthy as educators cave in to pressure from religious leaders to teach the Christian religion in non-religious schools. There are some pushing the Bible to be taught as literature. Others portray the religious concept of 'intelligent design' as something to be taught as science. If the religion cannot withstand scientific interrogation then it must rely on a method of indoctrination of youngsters to maintain its level of followers.

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