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Systemic Child Abuse at Birth

The American political system is guilty of abusing our new born children in several ways.

It is clear behavior patterns can be passed from parents to their offspring. This phenomenon is demonstrated even with our pets where the management of breeding results in the desired behaviors in the dogs and cats. The same pattern of generational behaviors can happen with humans.

The obvious case for people is the adage: drunkenness is hereditary.

Children are not born with a blank slate for behaviors. They begin with the behavior patterns of their parents so they begin with a basis in their parent's generation.

There have been studies whether domestic abuse can be hereditary.

Another study found partner abuse is generational.

These studies confirm, just as breeding of cats and dogs affects the behaviors of kittens and puppies, one's generation (or parents) can pass on behavior patterns to a child.

In our current troubled political climate, the inhumane treatment of adults probably leads to troubled offspring.

Since 911, America embarked on its global war of terror ( 'of' not 'on') that was launched with a planned campaign of Islamaphobia.  A generation of Americans has been indoctrinated with distrust of those following Islam. This intolerance of another religion is not a good foundation for a child.

For many generations, dating back before the Civil War, our criminal justice system has been racist, not treating blacks fairly.
The current generation of blacks has witnessed the disastrous disintegration of the criminal justice system. Unarmed blacks are being murdered by police with impunity.

This new generation suffers the consequences in two ways: 1) the non-whites are starting with intolerance of other races when the (incorrect) impression is the oppressed race is at fault. This is an attitude of not tolerating those of a different race.

2) the blacks live under oppression with no method of achieving justice. Behaviors must arise to deal with this difficult situation. The context for such survival behaviors could be difficult for a child to understand and overcome. An individual's unusual success story after facing such adversity often makes the news (to make us feel good) but the pipeline from school to prison rarely does.

America remains burdened by the Christian Fellowship and those affected by its influence.

There are many political and religious leaders still pushing for their influence in politics and culture. There is a never ending battle for schools to teach belief in the Bible as if the ancient scriptures have all the answers. The people living in this environment are not learning how to learn but are just followers. Their offspring will probably follow that pattern. This generation is taught to follow a set of beliefs (or the preachers that teach them) rather than being taught how to reason and to learn and understand how nature works.

The people living in this environment are also indoctrinated with an intolerance for other religions; their religion is the only correct one. Their offspring will probably continue that intolerance.

At the heart of the right to life movement is contempt for women. Women are not to be allowed to have control over whether they carry a fetus to term or they choose not to. To deny a woman this choice is declaring the woman is not capable of making the correct choice so it is decided for her, regardless of the circumstances. This contempt for women reveals itself in other ways in our culture, where women are considered less capable. Successful women help counter this tendency by such evidence.

Religion is often the justification for LGBT discrimination. Claims the Bible indicates such intolerance is acceptable in those pages are believed only by those who do not think for themselves.

The people living in this environment are indoctrinated with an intolerance for other religions; their religion is the only correct one.Their offspring will probably continue that intolerance.

The American war of terror is essentially America is the bully of the world and all must conform or risk retribution, either by  economic or military tactics.

The people living in this environment are indoctrinated with an attitude violence will resolve any type of conflict. Their offspring will probably continue that lack of compromise.

The climate change wave of terror indoctrinates our current generation with contempt for humanity. Weather is dominated by the oceans and yet people are told humanity is destroying this planet in the next 100 years, simply because all our normal activities produce a trace gas (400 parts per million). The amount generated by humanity is small compared to natural sources. A small amount of a gas cannot control the chaos of weather.

This lie results in the current generation being indoctrinated with the guilt just living on this planet is bad. The claim is every major weather event is a result of humanity causing the climate to change because of CO2.
There is no rational behavior available to deal with this irrational and also impossible danger.

There is even a term for this trauma: climate grief.

Our next generation is being set up for being incapable of dealing with changes in the weather.

The obvious solution for a troubled next generation is our youth and prospective parents must live in a caring and just society, with tolerance for those unlike us. This society must be based on cooperation and compromise, not control.

A significant hurdle is overcoming all those on a power trip. The politicians and religious leaders seek control of their flocks. Climate change activists are on a noble crusade to save the planet regardless of how their actions affect humanity, causing misery. Politicians like this climate crusade because more political power is required to constrain human activities.

After successive generations lacking a just society, our future children are starting with unfortunate behavior patterns for achieving a better society.

Date created  04/28/2019
last changed 04/28/2019
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