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Michalets Family Ancestry

This is the Michalets family ancestry presented as screen captures. The web site is limited, apparently designed only for the registered user to view.
Only a summary page can be printed. It provides an interactive session to view the results, a page at a time. There are about 20 pages here, though some just show much of the world has no genetic connection.
Ancestry defined some 500 regions in the world. The results are by regions not by countries.

Czechia is the region of mostly the Czech Republic and a little of the Western part of the Slovak Republic.

Czechia is part of the Baltic States Region.
The Baltic States are part of Eastern Europe region.

According to their probability analysis:
There is a 36% probability our ancestors were in the Czechia region.

There is a 84% probability our ancestors were in the larger Baltic region, which encompasses the smaller  Czechia region in it.
I looked through the other regions around the world and those results indicated 'No connection'









last change - 04/27/2019

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