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Breakpoint Second Sight

The BreakPoint web site offers a number of columns that present the Biblical worldview . The Breakpoint Topic Group presents alternative views.
This set is for a topic collection, called Second Sight, on the Breakpoint site

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The theme for this series of four articles is the struggle between the Biblical and the non-Biblical world views. Certainly those with a Biblical world view are confronted with many opposing viewpoints, some being based on religions with different theologies but others have a secular foundation, based on man's inherent desire to understand the reason's behind life's events.

Contend for the Faith, Part I
Time for a Little House Cleaning (05/07/2006)

Contend for the Faith, Part II
Anti-Traditionalism and Ahistoricalism (05/07/2006)

Contend for the Faith, Part III
Pragmatism (05/07/2006)

Contend for the Faith, Part IV
Anti-supernaturalism (05/07/2006)

Sometime in early 2006, the web site with the BreakPoint commentaries removed the older links so they can no longer be accessed. The following article was among those dropped.

The Heavy Hand of God, Facing up to the Obvious (01/02/2006)

created - Jan. 2006
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