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Observations about society, including culture and religion, and about life. With our inherent social nature, group behaviors are important, such as divide and conquer, absolute power, or conformance, in the critical issues of our day. A team with diverse skills can accomplish what an individual cannot. Our problems are solved when we work together.

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Abortion Debate

Big Bang Debate

Global Warming Debate

Intelligent Design Debate

Tax Cuts for the Rich

Tax Funds for Private Schools


Current Debates and their dominant hindering group

Many current political debates are being dominated by a single group, opposed by those lacking such organization, that hinders a resolution. People have an inherent nature for group affiliation and the members of a dominant group seek to reinforce that power and influence of their group. In many cases, an opposing group will be dehumanized, perhaps even presented as evil, to dissuade others from following that opposition. This is not so much a conspiracy as those within one group act solely with their own self interest in mind, not necessarily at the same time or with collusion, to the detriment of others.

Abortion Debate A mother and/or a family must decide whether to carry a fetus to term or get an abortion, but others outside that family want to make that decision (10/20/2013)

Big Bang Debate One group prevents the investigation of alternatives to the Big Bang Theory (10/20/2013)

Global Warming Debate One non-homogenous group of alarmists attempts to keep the debate about carbon dioxide from human activities and recent global warming even though the science suggests there is minimal connection. (10/20/2013)

Teaching Intelligent Design Debate A religious group attempts to get intelligent design taught in public schools. (10/20/2013)

Tax Cuts for the Rich Lowering tax rates for the rich is not beneficial to society but the rich control the campaigns and the candidates. (11/10/2013)

Tax Funds for Private Schools Will providing taxpayer funds to private schools improve public education? There is a group pushing to diminish government services, to replace them with private for-profit services. (04/05/2014)

Certainty Unfortunately, certainty in one’s position can sometimes lead to fanaticism about enacting that position. (06/12/2016)

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