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Big Business in Abortions

The BreakPoint article offers this observation: In a survey of women who had had abortions, some 90 percents said that the counseling they received gave few facts and was heavily biased in favor of abortion. This Breakpoint article describes that clinics, like those of Planned Parenthood, are mostly marketing their abortion services, not providing adequate counseling.

Such an observation would not surprise me. Our medical industry is motivated by profits, to the point that medicines are often prescribed with little respect for their consequences (as in the recent revelations about certain big name prescription drugs).

The point in the conflict of pro-choice versus pro-birth is should the prospective mother have a say in what happens to her own body? The pro-choice group emphasizes that the mother maintains her right to decide on her own body. If that is not correct, then at the moment of conception, does her body become 'owned' by someone or something else - the government? a religious leader? - and this person or group then makes all decisions on the mother's health so that the fetus can be delivered?

Perhaps the point of the BreakPoint article is that the abortion clinic is having too much influence on the mother's decision. That would be unfortunate. The decision to have a baby must be one of the most important decisions a person can make in one's lifetime. The opportunity for that decision remains important. If a woman and her partner cannot make that decision but rather a pregnancy must result in a delivery, no matter its consequences for the mother, father, family and everyone else involved, then the sanctity of the family (so often claimed as important to the religious right) will have been desecrated.

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