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Culture and Religion home page


   The origins of Christianity

   More about the origins of religion

   The life and times of Jesus, James and Paul

   Mythology and Planets

   The Bible as the Word of God

   Who is Made in Whose Image?


   Two Christmas Stories



   Our global community

      SimAnt information

   An example community - a large city

   Cultural Maturity

   Righteous Mind in a Group

   Social Evolution

   Social Equilibrium

   Social Classes

   Studies of Behavior, Class, and Power

   Infant Social Development

   Culture Conceives Religion

   Racism, Fear, and Hate

   Culture of Fear


   Hard Wired to Compare

   Social Groups


   Climate Grief

   Social Behaviors


   What is the Meaning of Life?

   Why Are We Here? Who Am I?

   Who is God?

   Is There Life after Death?

   Thoughts on religion

   Christianity in Crisis

   Is There an Evil Religion?

   God's Chosen Religion

   My soul and Zen

   East vs West Religions


   Jesus is the Real Life Saver

   Proof of God

   Religious Conformance

   Militant Islam

   Does an Animal Have a Soul?

   Now Mind


   Christ in Christmas



   Teaching creation or evolution

   Attitudes in Science and Religion

   Does Life Reveal an Intelligent Design?

   Wanting to Teach Intelligent Design

   Genesis and the Origin of Man

Evolution by Success Not Design

Moral Values

   Right to Life

   Acceptance of Life

   Ethics and Moral Behavior

   Finding a Guide for Moral Behavior

   Change Starts from Within

   Morality and Accountability in Social Beings

   Family Decision on Abortion

   Sin and the Ten Commandments

   Decline in Morality

   Joke about the Bible defining moral behavior




   Does God Bless America?

   The Left Hand of God

   Governed by Fear?

   Political Power

   The End of Civil Debate

   Domestic Enemies

   No Hope and No Change

   Big Government Is Not Socialism

   Campaign Slogans

   Free Market Solutions for Basic Needs

   Two Party Impasse



   Unions and Business in the 21st Century

   Human Resource Management

   Libertarian Socialist

   Pride vs Profit

   Working Together or Being Worked

   Fair Wages


   Capitalism vs Socialism

   Hobby Lobby Case

   American Slavery


Foreign Policy

   The War on Terror

   Ending the War on Terror

   Making the World Safe for Democracy

   Dark Side of Global Empire


   Justifying Torture after 911

   Remember 9-11

   War Crimes


   Protect our Freedom


   Public Accountability

   Public Demonstrations

   Too Big to Care

   Restoring Corporate Accountability

   Restoring Congressional Accountability

   New Feudalism

   Abuse of Power

   No Accountability by the Press

   United Nations


   Our future as a global community

   A perfect storm

   The Separation of church and state

   What will be the Foundation of the New America?


   Destroying the Planet

   From 1984 to 2013

   The search for truth

     The search for scientific truth

  The search for truth in media about current events

  The search for truth in media about foreign affairs

   Mad World

   Systemic Child Abuse at Birth


   Abortion Debate

   Big Bang Debate

   Global Warming Debate

   Teaching Intelligent Design Debate

   Tax Cuts for the Rich

   Tax Funds for Private Schools

   Gun Control Debate


   Cosmology (> 180 posts)

and Cosmology Comments ( > 90)

       Cosmology Research(its topics indented below)

      Cosmology References

      Local Group


      Solar System

      Collection of Rings and Distortions, With Images

      Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters

      Quantum Physics

      Photon or EM Fields

      New Cosmology

      Planets and Moons

      Age of the Universe

      Bold Baseless Big Bang

      Hubble's Law and a Radar Gun

      LIGO Events and Celestial Events

      LIGO Inspiral Events Confirmation

      LIGO Events and Earth Tide Ripples

      LIGO Event Trigger Timing

LIGO Gravitational Wave Candidate Event Database with Earth Tides

      Wrong Turns by Cosmologists

      Red Shift Distances Using Hubble Constant

      Modern Cosmology Earth Centered

      Improbable Dark Matter

      Coordinate systems and Relativity

      Computational Cosmology - Lambda-CDM

Flaws in Relativity

Brief View of Life










   Know nothing















Religion of AGW

   Climate Change

   World is Breathing

   Wrong Noble Cause

   Fear the Weather


   Oceans - Climate Change

Temperature analysis:

    Local Temperature Trends do not conform with CAGW

   National Temperature Trends do not conform with CAGW

       Midwest Temperature Trends

       Northeast Temperature Trends

       Southeast Temperature Trends

       West Temperature Trends

   World Temperature Trends do not conform with CAGW

   Solar Cycle Analysis

       Midwest Cycles

       Northeast Cycles

       Southeast Cycles

       West Cycles

       World (outside of USA) Cycles

       Local Temperature Modifications

       Midwest Temperature Modifications

       Northeast Temperature Modifications

       Southeast Temperature Modifications

       West Temperature Modifications

       World (outside of USA) Temperature Modifications

CounterPoint to BreakPoint

   BreakPoint Parents guide 1

      Question of the Week - Did God create evil?

      Question of the Week 1 - Dealing with abortion

      Question of the Week 2 - Abortion on demand

      Question of the Week 3 - Bible filled with myth

      Question of the Week 4 - Where is evil from?

      Question of the Week 5 - Does God allow evil?

      Question of the Week 6 - Why did God allow us to disobey?

      Question of the Week 7 - Why was it necessary for Jesus to die?

      Question of the Week 8 - Why don't Christians care more about ecology?

      Question of the Week 9 - Christian historical evidence

      Question of the Week 10 - Are people inherently good?

      Question of the Week 11 - How should I measure my success in life?

      Question of the Week 12 - God on the job

      Question of the Week 13 - What's so important about work?

      Question of the Week 14 - Overcoming the world's problems

      Question of the Week 15 - Does God use suffering?

      Question of the Week 16 - Violent movies

      Question of the Week 17 - Condoms in school

      Question of the Week 18 - What proves Jesus is God?

   BreakPoint Parents guide 2

      Just War Theory

      The Law's Moral Purpose

      Hippocrates and Hypocrisy

      Why Should I Vote?

      America's Religious Roots

      The First Liberty

      Why Did Jesus Die

      Big Business

      Is What We See All We Get?

      A Fictional Messiah?

      Creation and Evolution

      Junk or Jewels

      More Than Coincidence

      The First Requirement of Leadership

   BreakPoint Worldview of Church

      A Vision for College Life

      What to Impart

   BreakPoint Second Sight

      The Heavy Hand of God

      Time for a Little House Cleaning

      Anti-Traditionalism and Ahistoricalism



Comments on a Blog about Progressive Christianity


   Books of science and mythology

   Books of Zen and Religion

       The World's Most Dangerous Book

   Books of Politics

Publications - catastrophism

   Pensee Issues

      Pensee Issues TOCs

   Kronos Issues

       Kronos Issues - Vol 1 to 3

       Kronos Issues - Vol 4 to 6

       Kronos Issues - Vol 7 to 9

       Kronos Issues - Vol 10 to 12

   Aeon Issues

       Aeon Issues Volume 1

       Aeon Issues Volume 2

       Aeon Issues Volume 3

       Aeon Issues Volume 4

      Aeon Issues Volume 5
       Aeon Issues Volume 6


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