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Comments on Bill Peddie's Blog about Progressive Christianity

Bill Peddie contacted me after finding my site in January 2011, noting we had a somewhat common interest in religion. After reading several articles on his site I was inspired to submit a number of comments. Bill also posted a guest article for me. Since that time, I have contributed comments onto a number of articles on that web site about various topics.

The reader might also be interested in Bill Peddie's web site about Progressive Christianity and perhaps in my comments there as well (with the date of the first comment submitted to Bill's essay shown below).

These comments are often related to topics covered in this web site (culture and religion) but as each comment follows an essay on that web site the context for each comment is rather important.

The God who limps (1/14/2011)
Bill offers various descriptions of God.

Biblical literalism (1/28/2011)
Bill lays out his principles on interpreting scriptures. Their historical context is important.

Homosexuality - a sin or built-in difference (1/29/2011)
Bill describes the intolerance (because it is called a sin) is often based on the assumption it is a chosen behavior, not one inherent to the individual.

Case against climate action (1/30/2011)
Professor Richard Lindzen wrote this guest article. My comment was in reaction to another person's comments which essentially tried to dispense with the points in the article as just a conspiracy theory.

Abortion (2/11/2011)
Bill presents an objective list of pro-life versus pro-choice assumptions and responses.

Is religion harmful? (3/23/2011)
A number of comments are exchanged among several people, especially about one's views about Islam including selective quotes from the Bible.

Evolving extremes of faith (4/24/2011)
Bill suggests there has been some evolution in the major religions and perhaps currently noted extremes might be compared to mutations found in nature.

Death of Osama bin Laden (05/04/2011)
Abhishek Solomon wrote this guest article. A number of comments are exchanged among several people about Islam.

Believe in hell (05/11/2011)
A number of comments are exchanged among several people about hell and other interpretations of scriptures.

Church authority (06/06/2011)
Bill starts with the observation Jesus did not invite people to join a large church organization.

Obama and Palestinians (06/06/2011)
Bill asks whether Obama is on the correct course when pre-1967 borders might be necessary for peace.

Label of Christian (06/07/2011)
Bill asks who is a Christian and who isn't?

Heaven (06/14/2011)
Bill suggests we cannot know who gets to heaven or when it will happen.

Arab spring (06/19/2011)
The uprising in Egypt caused political change but it might not help with food and other basic problems in the region.

Atheism vs Christianity (06/27/2011)
Bill's subtitle is the non-meeting of minds, in reference to the lack of a civil debate.

Sermon on Wheat and tares (07/18/2011)
Bill's emphasis is about the diversity of religions.

London burning (08/11/2011)
Bill's subtitle is behind the violence in the cities of England.

Gaddafi and sons finished (08/29/2011)
I took issue with a claim NATO would protect civilians during their air assault.

Sermon about Romans 14 (09/09/2011)
This is about rules within a Christian community.

Norway massacre (09/12/2011)
Bill observes the mass murderer resisted multiculturalism, as he was Christian and disliked Muslim immigrants.

Sermon about Matthew 20 (09/12/2011)
This is about Christian congregations.

Sermon about Matthew 21 (09/25/2011
This sermon involves the parable and those involved with his vinyard. Bill interprets it as about justice.

Sermon about Matthew 23 (10/29/2011)
In this passage Jesus criticizes the Pharisees, and Bill interprets it as about hypocrisy..

Sermon about Mark 1 (02/20/2012)
Bill's subtitle is hard-wired for temptation.

Peace Sunday Sermon about Matthew 4 (08/06/2012)
This is about the difficulty in peace making.

Sermon about James 1 (08/14/2012)
This is about the epistle by James which some thought should not be included in the Bible.

Sermon about Luke 3 (12/31/2012)
This is about baptism.

Sermon about Luke 4 (01/14/2013)
This is about the experience of an epiphany, also known as a Eureka moment.

Theology for A Scientific Age (12/16/2014)
This post is written by Professor Emeritus Brian Butterfield, including several scientific observations, finishing with a recommendation: Christian theology needs to come into the 21st century.

Adopting Christian Ethics (04/20/2015)
I took issue with the lack of a definition of Christian ethics.

Hard Wired for Temptation; Mark 1 (04/24/2015)
Bill's subtitle is hard-wired for temptation. I took issue with this supposed tendency toward temptation.

Peace Sunday (09/13/2015)
My comment was about the post's observation regarding so many civilian deaths during recent wars.

The Limitations of Theology (09/05/2015)
My comments are about whether it is more important to know what God wants or just to help other human beings, which could be God's intent anyway.

Musing about Science and Religion (09/13/2015)
I offered my own musing about science and religion.

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