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This summary  is an overview of the web site by defining its Topic Groups. These Topic Groups can be directly accessed by the navigation table in the More TG page, which has a link for every Topic Group. The order here roughly follows the order of these links.
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The development of a mythology for a deity.
Many of these topics were part of the original site in 2004 . Though some might be dated now they still represent my thoughts at the time as I learned more leading to later content.

A community and higher levels of society are rooted in the local culture. The culture is rooted in social groups. Human beings are social beings and often form groups.

Religion is rooted in its culture as the social groups attempt to grasp their role in the universe and whether supernatural deities are required. if the culture cannot accept the chaos of nature then the responsibility for the unexplainable event is assigned to a supernatural deity. To make this interpretation acceptable to the culture, a mythology can arise to describe this deity.

Moral Values
The moral values for a society are rooted in its cultures while some religions propose the culture's dominant religion also has an influence, like via the Decalogue.  Moral Values Topic Group describe how a culture derives its moral values.

Accountability Topic Group addresses the requirement for accountability on our social groups but especially on their leaders. No accountability (i.e., absolute power) directly leads to immoral behaviors.

Politics Topic Group observes political parties supposedly represent the social groups that elect their party members. With a strong central government and with private capital paying for those elections, this  electoral process does not work effectively.

Business Topic Group offers perspectives on different economic models. A business is simply a social group providing goods and services to the community (or city, or state, etc.).

Foreign Policy Topic Group offers perspectives on international politics.

Future  Topic Group offers perspectives on the future. We seem destined for the dystopia described in the book 1984.

Debates Topic Group discusses several issues where the opposing social groups are unable or unwilling to resolve those differences.

This Brief view of life Topic Group offers perspectives on several basic concepts of human life, like adult, baby, cycles, etc.

Religion of AGW
AGW or anthropogenic global warming remains a very divisive controversy. I called it a religion because this theory is just dogma. It is not backed by real science where any theory must be backed by actual observed measurements (not by just theoretical mathematical models) Everyone was told this AGW must be believed (like a religion where you told which interpretations must be believed) without dissent or else you will be shunned by the consensus, the keepers of this dogma. Eventually  AGW  was falsified so instead we now are told to fear climate change or any extreme weather event. This is silly simply because weather is always changing.

Creationism is an attempt by certain Christians to bring their religion's interpretations to all children, including those following a different religion. When I created the original site, and still to this day, creationism is a political controversy.

Breakpoint group offers a different perspective than that offered by the Christian web site Breakpoint, a world view where the Bible is the guide for society. Unfortunately these topics in this site are based on the Breakpoint web site content in 2006 before  much of that site's content was removed later. Hopefully my topics are still useful even when the comparison text is gone.

Blog comments
 I provide links to my comments to posts on a blog by a Progressive Christian. These links access my comments and the original post for reference.

Books group offers several lists of books which helped shape the perspective developed by this site's author.
Catastrophism group offers several lists of articles from a number of scientific journals . These articles were about mythology, history, astronomy, and geology.  This collection of published research helped shape the perspective evolving by this site's author, after college.  Hopefully the title and category can convey an overview of published research at the time.  I cannot copy the copyright protected content.

TG Summary

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About Me presents the site's author's background.

Email me provides the site's author's email contact. Comments are always welcome.
This web site has more than 200 individual pages, offering views on a number of topics about culture, religion, moral values, and politics. Even if you do not agree with any or all of the views presented, I hope the time spent reading any of them will result in some productive introspection. A person's religion is deeply personal but perhaps it is not reconsidered often enough, given the normal etiquette of 'do not discuss religion and politics.'

The site topics will often have links for a reference to justify a stated view. Sometimes sites will change file locations breaking a link; I have no control over that.

If you have comments about the site content or constructive criticism, please E-mail me.

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