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Cosmology Research

This topic is for references, non-posted topics, or research.

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References   links to convenient references
(updated 07/28/2019)

Next topic was linked from a post to Electric Universe Theory group:

Various Electric Universe Reference Materials with links

Research topics

Cosmology Research Papers
(topic added 01/07/2020, with links to 6 research papers)

After submitting to APS on 12/27/2019 my paper Detecting a Gravitational Wave and then submitting it to NSF also,  there is no point in continuing to track the wrong detections by LIGO.

The next 8 topics are my research topics for LIGO detections of gravitational waves; there were several posts also, including one on its design, another on its theory, another on its controversy.

LIGO Events and Celestial Events
(05/10/2019,  updated 12/22/2019)

 LIGO Inspiral Events Confirmation
(09/16/2019, updated 12/22/2019)

LIGO Events and Earth Tide Ripples
(08/20/2019, updated 12/22/2019)

LIGO Event Trigger Timing
(updated 12/22/2019)

LIGO Gravitational Wave Candidate Event Database with Earth Tides

The  GW database topic contains links to the worksheets with the event data for analysis.

LIGO Event Trigger Timing Sensitivity - should just read statistics

LIGO Detection 5-Day Rule

LIGO Detection Statistics

Next is a posted topic with a link to this topic in this site.

Collection of Rings and Distortions, With Images

(added 06/20/2019; updated 10/02/2019)

Next are non-posted topics:

Age of the Universe

Bold Baseless Big Bang

Hubble’s Law and a Radar Gun

Wrong Turns by Cosmologists

Black Hole Theory and Reality
(07/13/2019; updated 10/13/2019)

Modern Cosmology Earth Centered

Improbable Dark Matter

New Cosmology
(07/28/2019, updated 11/03/2019)

Coordinate systems and Relativity

Computational Cosmology - Lambda-CDM

Flaws in Relativity

Spacetime Background Independence
There have been posts about spacetime beyond those above including here .

My references:

Planets and Moons - analysis, useful for reference

Solar System analysis  - Nebular Hypothesis - preliminary

Local Group - analysis
(03/21/2019) updated for our Hubble Island  05/11/2019

Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters - compendium sorted by distance

Red Shift Distances Using Hubble Constant(replaced by this)

Spectrum Data with wavelengths

other topics:
Quantum Physics - overview

Next two resulted in posts where text is shorter in post)

Craters    analysis of craters - they are always round - preliminary
(03/05/2019) (03/05/2019)

Photon or EM Fields - Electromagnetic Radiation - preliminary

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