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Climate Change Denial

There is a separate topic about the Global Warming debate, whether any observed warming is actually caused by human activities( only 3% of what nature generates) like power generation. This ignores little details like: CO2 is around 400 parts per million so it makes up only a trace of the air. Oceans are 71% of earth's surface so they can significantly affect weather trends. After the big El Nino in 1998 global warming stopped for a long time, known as the hiatus .   That AGW debate was more about the weather and temperature measurements, while Climate Change is about the politics involved with the perceived threat of man's CO2 causing extreme weather. We are persistently  warned with no political action we are all doomed.
Global warming as a major concern has rather disappeared, so polls find few still concerned about this supposed danger. Most people finally realized this hysteria about rising temperatures was not justified; weather changes. This topic is about the use of 'climate change' and what should be done about the claim reducing CO2 emissions will somehow affect the world's weather.
The fanatics about global warming needed a new issue. Polar bears had been a big worry but changes to Arctic hunting regulations of bears resulted in increasing populations. That claimed major threat just disappeared. Also it was impossible to link glacier activity to CO2.

The fanatics now call this dire threat to humanity 'climate change' replacing 'global warming' so they returned to the mission of the UN IPCC: climate change. However the IPCC long ago was discredited .

The IPCC mission is to find evidence of man caused climate change, There is no effort by the IPCC to do real science: theorize, test and verify. Global climate models have been shown to be garbage. Their purpose is to link temperatures directly to CO2 but the model predictions are terrible, not a match for what actually happened so they should not be trusted, and not the basis for warnings of catastrophe.
The funding for those supporting the IPCC mission gets numerous reports and articles that some  observation some where somehow shows evidence of climate change. This search (rather than actual research) leads to the claim climate change causes literally everything, from heat to cold, from drought to rain or blizzards.

The world is now told any extreme weather event is evidence of climate change, even though climate is not weather.

The terminology is also quite ridiculous. Who could possibly be a climate change denier? I expect everyone accepts climate changes though its definition requires a long time span, not just one event. Who is a climate denier? I expect everyone accepts there is a climate .Who is a carbon denier? Who denies the presence of a common element? The use of either denial or denier is critical in this silly word play. I cannot deny right now mentioning tipping point.
In this alarmist proposal a tipping point will cause normal climate trends to
transition to a bad climate, like all ice caps will melt, even though Earth's history before man has had major, periodic changes in climate.

Climate change alarmists should have zero credibility. Unfortunately for the truth, the media continues to emphasize the issue as it provides a sensational context.

With the loss of warming as a threat, many activists have turned from fossil fuels to capitalism as the current threat.
This site has a Topic Group, Business, about capitalism. I have issues with capitalism but not CO2.

If global warming is the problem then that is the issue to debate, but unfortunately that debate might be over. Proof has never been found that the little contribution of man-generated CO2 ( or even including natural sources) is a direct cause of global warming, even after many years and millions of dollars of searching.

If climate change is the problem then that is the issue to debate.

If capitalism is the problem then that is the issue to debate.

To propose capitalism can be reformed by attacking the world's energy supply (even calling it carbon pollution when carbon is critical to all life on earth; recent increases in CO2 have even improved the earth's plant life) is simply ludicrous . Such dissonance (goal vs cause) cannot succeed.
This issue was also in the topic Wrong Noble Cause.

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