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That immigrants (both legal and illegal) come to America is a divisive political topic.

Since 1924 there is an immigration quota system.

The big questions are:
Who will be allowed to move in?

Is this determined by country, ethnicity, race, religion, politics (intervention by a politician), asylum seeker (leaving persecution for the reason of race, religion, politics, etc.) or what? In each case, is that particular reason acceptable?

Which benefits for an American citizen will they receive as non-citizens?

According to Merriam-Webster:
Emigrant is used in reference to the country that has been left ("an emigrant from Canada"), while immigrant is used in reference to the destination country ("an immigrant to Spain").

When moving between countries there must be reasons why the current country is being left and why the destination country has been selected.

Here is one woman's opinion on picking America.

I suspect this woman's description also applies to many other immigrants.
Others cite crime or drugs as the  main concern.
Another common reason is the knowledge of a family or community or social group (like sharing ethnicity or religion) already in America that will accept a new member.

This topic will focus on the reason to leave. Americans are concerned about more people coming here from poor countries but many Americans do not know the immorality of American foreign policy resulted in those intolerable conditions.

Many immigrants come from Latin America. Here is a review of several countries.

From Mexico

American meddling and interference in Mexican elections would get an American friendly leader, but not one to help Mexicans achieve a better quality of life.

The abuse of the Mexicans near the border, often by American companies, must also contribute to the immigration. More recently other countries in Latin America are following this path of abuse of their citizens and resources by foreign owned factories .

From Honduras

Hillary Clinton is known to have backed the 2009 coup in Honduras. The result of that coup is a ruined country.

from Nicaragua

This article above does not clearly include all relevant history.

The Sandanistas rebelled against the American backed dictator Somoza, resulting in the chaos before Ortega, the current leader.

This rebellion against Somoza includes the infamous Iran-Contra affair when President Reagan illegally supported the 'contra' rebels against the socialist government in Nicaragua, that had replaced Somoza.

drug trade with Nicaragua:

link - note
The Gary Webb series Dark Alliance series is very important to note as it revealed CIA involvement in the drug trade from Nicaragua. Therefore the CIA participated in the drug trade in Latin America which contributes to the reasons for immigrants to leave Central America.

Gary Webb was not treated well by the American press.

from Nicaragua again

from El Salvadore

Many have observed that if a socialist government follows a US backed dictator in Latin America then the CIA will overthrow that government, totally disregarding the resulting misery and death from the resulting chaos.

The irony is each coup will predictably bring more immigrants to America, due to the chaos. Once here they can invite family and more to join them.

American foreign policy of overthrowing  other countries is at the very root of any immigration problem.

The other issue with immigrants is benefits for a non-citizen.

In my opinion this is a bogus issue pushed by the government and media to avoid dealing with the real problems, the lack of universal health care for all American citizens.
Immigrants need health care but so do American citizens. The American government refuses to address the needs of Americans but instead the media and Congress make sure these other issues are the higher priority debate in the media.

Also public education funding is down.

America's infrastructure spending is inadequate.

America spends too much on its military, especially when compared to other countries, but sustaining our global empire is so critical to our politicians. I don't know what was included in this number for defense (I expect it was biased), whether it also includes security in addition to military spending and others like CIA, DHS, NSA, NASA, VA, etc.

Different, higher numbers can be found.

The United States is estimated to have a population of 328,355,612 as of August 14, 2018.

Most immigrants are legal, but that fact is often ignored in media sound bytes.

The number of illegal immigrants peaked at about 12 million in 2007 and since that time has declined.

In absolute numbers, the United States has a larger immigrant population than any other country, with 47 million immigrants as of 2015. This represents about 14.4% of the U.S. population.

America must stop wreaking so much havoc in so many other countries.
The real important issue confronting America is appropriately supporting American citizens.
created - August 2014
last change - 08/15/2018
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