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Breakpoint's Parent's Guide Part 1

The BreakPoint web site offered a number of columns that are discuss the Biblical world view by a Christian fundamentalist. A number of responses are presented by the Breakpont Topic Group. These topics below were in response to the Parent's Guide Part 1 group on the Breakpoint site.

The date shown in parentheses is the date that topic was last changed here. Sometime in early 2006, the web site with the BreakPoint commentaries removed the pages so the links cannot be accessed. The topics here should still be relevant.

The date shown in parentheses is the date that page was last changed here. Sometime in early 2006, the web site with the BreakPoint commentaries removed the pages so those links can no longer be accessed.

Question of the Week - Did God create evil? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 1 - If a young woman has an abortion, then "that's that," and she and the father can get on with life. Right? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 2 - Pro-life advocates often compare America's abortion-on-demand policy to the Nazi Holocaust. Isn't that extreme? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 3 - Isn't the Bible like other ancient books, filled with myth and superstition? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 4 - If God didn't create evil, where did it come from? (12/31/2004)

Question of the Week 5 - Then why does a good God allow the consequences of evil to continue? Why doesn't he simply wipe out evil as soon as it appears on the scene? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 6 - Why did God allow us to disobey? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 7 - Why was it necessary for Jesus to die? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 8 - Why don't Christians care more about ecology? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 9 - Wasn't much of the "historical evidence" for Christianity simply manufactured by Christians? (12/30/2004)

Question of the Week 10 - But aren't people really inherently good or at least morally neutral? (12/31/2004)

Question of the Week 11 - How should I measure my success in life? (12/31/2004)

Question of the Week 12 - Just because I am a Christian and go into business or politics or professions does that mean God has to be a part of it all? (01/02/2005)

Question of the Week 13 - Besides the money, what's so important about work? (12/31/2004)

Question of the Week 14 - Can't the world's problems be overcome with better education and social programs? (12/31/2004)

Question of the Week 15 - Why would a good and loving God use suffering to change us and make us grow spiritually? (12/31/2004)

Question of the Week 16 - I would never be violent, but I like to watch slash-em-up movies. What harm can it do? (12/31/2004)

Question of the Week 17 - My school hands out condoms. If kids are going to have sex, isn't it important for them to practice safe sex? (12/31/2004)

Question of the Week 18 - What proves Jesus is God? (12/31/2004)

created - Dec. 2004
last change - 04/29/2006
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