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Question of the Week 14 - Can't the world's problems be overcome with better education and social programs?

Breakpoint Parents Guide 1

The answer begins by trashing a humanist approach, including a quote: Alexander Sozhenitsyn called this myth "the benevolent concept according to which man, the master of the world, does not bear any evils within himself, and all the defects of life are caused by misguided social systems."

The conclusion offered by BreakPoint: But real progress, the kind that goes beyond satellites and fiber optics, comes from only one source: from the One who can cleanse the evil within us by creating clean hearts within us. He is our only real hope for progress, in this time or in any other. . . . To deny the reality of sin is not just unbiblical; it's also foolish. No amount of education or technology can overcome the evil that lies in our hearts

The question is very important given the global cultural war that was initiated using a terrorist act as the justification. However the answer offers no alternative for someone seeking a way to solve the world's problems. If humanity's hope is God then what can people do? Must we pray for God's intervention into our lives? We are all helpless while we wait for His actions?

If God can intervene in human lives then that means He is responsible for all the pain and suffering in our lives. His previous inaction has resulted in all the calamities that have occurred in human history, since the last intervention recorded in one of the Old Testament books.

I agree that the excerpt offered from the Humanist Manifesto sounds ominous. If mankind is determined to subjugate nature to our will then we are destined to destroy ourselves, before or at the same time that we destroy nature.

We must realize that mankind is a part of the flow of nature. Certainly we can readily see that our ignoring that has lead to many natural problems caused by that pollution.

There are signs that mankind is learning its lessons. In America, pollution controls have been accepted as a requirement for proper behavior for industry. Unfortunately, the lack of moral leadership in this area has lead to some of these industries moving their polluting manufacturing plants to other countries to get around the rules in this country and instead ravage nature in other parts of the world. Recent administrations are also caving in to industry leaders that ignore their social responsibility to push for relaxing important pollution restrictions.

Prior to the immoral acts of the American government to attack and invade other countries in the past decade (1990's, 2000's), much of the world had been seeing less military conflict (ignoring the religion-based conflict in the Middle East that has continued for more than 50 years). Europe has realized that the wars only kill many and devastate their lands. However the military actions of the past few decades are getting a reaction from the oppressed - terrorist actions against the oppressors.

These problems can be overcome if humanity recognizes the importance of common moral values, based on our human nature. Wars are an instrument of governments seeking more power but it can be very difficult for people to stop the actions of their governments. If people can become more educated then the tide might turn. Perhaps that is why Europe has abandoned its course in history of many wars and conflicts and instead has chosen to work together in a framework called the European Union. While that arrangement is not perfect it is progress and the peace has persisted for longer than would be expected when comparing this run of 50 years to previous centuries for England, France and Germany.

The world's problems addressed in the question above will not be solved quickly. However there is hope that mankind is maturing. Perhaps the extreme problems that are so visible right now can be addressed - soon. If they are not then mankind might not have much to look forward to in its future.

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