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A Counterpoint to BreakPoint

The BreakPoint web site offers a Christian fundamentalist perspective on life, where interpretations of the Bible are proposed to serve as the guide for society.  The topics in this TG have a counter from a world view with society based on our human nature.

Chuck Colson is the main radio commentator in a Christian ministry effort called BreakPoint. These commentaries that push the Biblical world view are broadcast on many radio stations across the country as well as published on the internet at the BreakPoint web site.
I was born and raised Catholic in a world view based on the Bible as the guide for society. This is also the world view for Breakpoint. The interpretation of ancient scriptures is not a stable foundation for society. A stable foundation is one based on our understanding of human nature, learned via scientific investigation. Human beings have a social nature that is the true foundation for defining society. This culture and religion site content is intended to flesh out this world view based on our human nature, with new topics filling in gaps, but hopefully written in a way another reader might find it interesting. There are many references in the site to religions. Few are willing to question their sense of self.
This web site is about our human nature and how the social forces of culture and religion can bring people together for cooperative success or can divide people for persecution and suffering. The Breakpoint site has to address difficult questions and provides awkward answers.

For example: does God create evil? In the Christian world view whether God can control every thing, the answer must be yes or there is something out of his control. On simple matters like that, faith in the dogma is required before reason. Another example is a just war based on this religion; that is combining religion and politics. These Breakpoint essays point out the difficulty when dealing with the chaos of nature, where some events are due to nature not the hidden hand of God who controls absolutely everything. This Christian world view is  simply not coherent.

Up until sometime in early 2006, these commentaries were readily available on line and so the views provide a convenient reference for the discussions here. Each article had a link in the discussion in this web site, for convenient reference. Since that BreakPoint web site has removed the archive of commentaries, most of the views here no longer have their counterpart to compare. I have removed the links (but kept the original for reference) with the possibility that links to the old commentaries might become available again in the future. As of May 2006, the exceptions are four of the Second Sight articles remain online so those pages still have a link to the original commentary.

These topics are collected into several groups:

   Parent's guide part 1 responses (19),

   Parent's guide part 2 responses (14),

   Worldview of the Church responses (2),

   Second Sight responses (5)
The initial topics presented here are for the BreakPoint's Worldview for Parents.
The Breakpoint site split topics into several sets with thefirst set is in the format of questions of the week.

The second set is the other articles in the guide.

The entire set in this parent's guide has more than two dozen articles though some have common themes.

The third set of articles present the Breakpoint's Worldview of the Church. Not all are worthy of comment here, with some being just general observations. The articles discussed here are those relevant to this 'culture and religion' web site. Typically these columns are not authored by Chuck Colson.

The fourth set of articles address columns in Breakpoint's Second Sight. Not all are worthy of comment here. The topics presented here here are those relevant to this 'culture and religion' web site. Typically these columns were authored by T. M. Moore,  not Chuck Colson.

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