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These pages are about the present interaction among religion, culture and politics. Politicians interfere with nearly all aspects of society.
Politics is roughly the concept of how a government manages its control and support of its citizens. Politics exists at many levels of government, from a community, to state, to the nation.
America's founding fathers expressed the need for the separation between church and state. There are religious activists seeking to break down that wall.

These pages are about the present: the interaction of religion, culture and politics. The date shown in parentheses is the date that page was last changed.

Does God Bless America? I often hear America is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Did our founding fathers (many of whom left Europe to avoid religious persecution) really want our government run by those with such strong religious beliefs? (07/12/2002)

Do We Have Tyranny? The founding fathers wrote the Constitution to prevent a small group from taking over, by providing checks and balances in the three primary legs of our government (executive, legislative and judicial). Recent events show that these Constitutional checks and balances are no longer effective. (02/28/2004)

The Left Hand of God Michael Lerner's recent book suggests the Democratic Party must take on a political and religious platform of compassion and tolerance in opposition to the Republican Party's platform of religious intolerance. (07/14/2007)

Governed by Fear? The current political debate seems to emphasize foreign threats of terrorism and domestic threats to Christians (homosexuals and atheistic scientists). How did our country get to this state? (10/13/2007)

Political Power Political power is much more important than accountability. (06/22/2008)

The End of Civil Debate The political resolution of various issues is hampered by the inability to deal with the real problem, like with health care, abortion, same sex marriage, foreign policy, anthropogenic global warming. (03/14/2010)

Domestic Enemies Widespread NSA tapping indicates the American people are a domestic enemy to the government. (07/13/2013)

No Hope and No Change The Obama administration has offered no beneficial change over the Bush administration and there are no signs of hope in the near future. (10/10/2010)

Big Government Is Not Socialism Having a big government or having a welfare program does not make it socialist. (04/06/2014)

Campaign Slogans The local candidate for the Wisconsin Representative in Congress has a campaign card espousing what are claimed to be Wisconsin values, but I disagree with that claim. (10/26/2014)

Free Market Solutions for Basic Needs The Congress elected in 2014 will probably stress free market solutions to the problems of basic human needs, like education and health care, even those policies will never work to benefit most Americans  .Free market must not have income inequality.  (11/23/2014)

Two Party ImpasseThe two party system obstructs action on issues important to the populace. (08/09/2018)

Sewer_Socialist Milwaukee was once the hub of American socialism; Milwaukee's socialists gained the epithet Sewer Socialists, as they were proud of the city owned, innovative, sewage system.  (08/13/2018)

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