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TG Order

This is a suggested order for reading the Topic Groups, which encompass the entire site. This order very roughly follows the sequence of human history and the site history.

Each Topic Group provides a summary of its topics, and then a brief topic description (and link) for each topic so the reader can consider which topics are worthwhile pursuing at the moment..

Some topics could be classified as being in more than one Topic Group so this reading order is a suggestion; some topics in one group might have a better context when read after topics in another group.


This section describes my background and the reason for creating this web site.

The About me Topic Group, with its description, is an introduction. web site

A) Order of Topic Groups

This section begins a description about how various Topic Groups arose in the site, or the goal of that Topic Group.

B) Religion and Mythology

This section covers the origin of certain religions, including the mythology development for their foundation (during the early stages of that religion), or the later evolution of the world's religions.

The Topic Groups for Mythology and Religion are relevant here.

C) Christian World View

This section takes on issues with the Christian world view.
Note the initial web site had only four Topic Groups: Mythology, Culture, Religion, Creationism, with the latter as a major motivation at the time for creating the web site in 2004.

The Topic Groups for Creationism, Breakpoint, and Blog Comments  are relevant here.  Many of the Breakpoint essays try to confront the difficulty of dealing with the chaos of nature, where some events or behaviors are due to nature not the hidden hand of God who controls absolutely everything in this dogma, so God is responsible for good and evil. This Christian world view is  simply not coherent when outside of the building where the people listen to the preacher. The blog  mentioned here is about progressive Christianity.


Human Nature

This section covers our human nature, in relation to other animals on Earth.

Mankind shares a genetic heritage with other life on Earth and so similar attributes are found throughout nature, though of a varying intensity.

The Topic Group for Culture is relevant here.

The Site Brief topic has a set of topics about human nature collected from different groups.

E) Human Social Nature

This section covers our human social nature, where each individual is definitely influenced by our social interactions with other people, both as individuals or as groups. Social group behaviors are being covered here as they are the foundation of society. The evolution of moral values becomes important to these social groups.

The Topic Groups for Culture and Moral Values are relevant here, but there is substantial overlap between these Topic Groups.

The Site Brief topic has a set of topics about our social nature collected from different groups.

F) Accountability

This section addresses the need for accountability for individual and group misbehaviors.

The evolution of mechanisms for accountability are important to social groups, to prevent individuals or groups from behaving badly when not accountable for their actions

The Topic Groups for accountability and Culture are relevant here with overlap.

G) Business

As humanity grew in numbers and spread around the world, social groups created businesses to provide the many desired goods and services.

The Topic Groups for Business and Culture are relevant here.

H) Politics

As communities grew in size other social groups arose to execute the necessary government services, like education, electrical power, fire control, sewer, water, and waste management.

Politics refers to behaviors in the government which is a social structure intended to manage the lower levels of society.
The Topic Group for Politics is relevant here.

I) Foreign Policy

As humanity continued to grow in both size and complexity,  nation states arose. Each encompasses some number of cultures and religions so social groups are
still important.
The Topic Group for Foreign Policy is relevant here.

J) Religion of AGW

This section takes on the blatant fear mongering by climate change activists, who avoid a real scientific investigation.  Any unusual weather is now blamed on climate change, even though climate refers to long term weather trends (usually 30 years), never the current weather.

The Topic Group for Religion of AGW is relevant here.

K) Brief View of Life

Along the way of considering new topics about life in general, but not written in reaction to other events, several were collected into a Topic Group. This is the only Topic Group with an initial design since a different letter of the alphabet was picked for each topic in this group, if possible, to ensure a variety of topics in the group.

The Topic Group for a Brief View of Life is relevant here.

L) Other Topic Groups

As the number of topics grew, additional Topic Groups were needed to cover them.

The Topic Groups for Debates and Future are relevant here.

In the Debates group,  the topic Cosmology contains many pages on that topic ( >200). I have maintained an interest in the sciences.

M) References

This section includes reference material, but not in this site.

The Topic Groups for Books and Catastrophism (academic publications) are relevant here.

This concludes this guide, a suggested order for browsing the site, by connecting the collection of Topic Groups.

As an alternative to the above order of only Topic Groups,
all Topic Groups are available after selecting More TG. then selecting a Topic Group gets its description and its topics.

Site_Map presents the entire site content in a very simple outline format, with each Topic Group followed only by its topics, with no descriptions.

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