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For those not familiar with both terms cosmology explains how the cosmos works; astronomy deals with what we see in the universe, like planets and stars, and with the telescopes we use to see them.
I have posted some of my views on cosmology to a Facebook group named: Cosmology & Astrophysics. The exchange of posts followed by comments and replies in this format is a presentation similar to a debate.

This is too much content for one very long topic or for so many individual topics in this web site. This way the browser deals with it for the reader only  when selected.

If you have a FaceBook account and wish to see more of the exchanges (including posts and comments by others) in this FB group, I post as 'David Michalets'

I have noticed that some older posts and comments have been purged over time so at some future date some items in the list below might be gone from the site (but these are also maintained here). I do not know the criteria as I was never informed at the time. Perhaps the FB group will close (I am not the only one frustrated the site  admin does not remove inappropriate posts) and I will find another similar site.
Please click on the date link to see that day's text.

I consider the content below of more interest than the  other comments I posted to that FB group but not copied below.

Here are my posts to that group shown with date  in bold; the rest are my comments to others'  posts; a brief topic is shown for each line

12/17/2018 - comment -  Carl Sagan dust
01/02/2019 - comment Milky Way HVCC

01/04/2019 - comment  - Globular cluster
01/06/2019 - comment -  time exploded

01/06/2019 - comment - parker solar probe
01/06/2019 - comment - horrible X

01/08/2019 - comment - space time events
01/11/2019 - comment   - Hubble picture
01/12/2019 - comment   - Gas ricochet

01/13/2019 - comment   - Galactic wind
01/13/2019 - comment   - Grain of sand
01/16/2019 - comment - Multiverse

01/18/2019 - comment - Wisdom
01/19/2019  Plasma Bending of Light

01/22/2019 - comment - black hole spin rate

01/24/2019 - comment - gravitational lensing

01/25/2019  C as the Speed Limit

01/26/2019  Cosmological Principle

01/26/2019  Cosmological Redshifts

01/26/2019   Cosmological Model

01/26/2019 - comment - wiggle in star

01/27/2019 - comment - Constellation stories

01/27/2019  Distance Calculation

01/28/2019  Dark Matter

01/28/2019 - comment to video with field lines exploding

01/29/2019 - comment to video about Great Attractor

01/31/2019  - comment -   Dark fluid

02/01/2019 Gravitational waves

02/01/2019 SMBH Mass calculation

02/03/2019 Cosmology Off the Rails

02/04/2019 Dark Stuff

02/05/2019 Andromeda Core

02/05/2019 M87 Core

02/05/2019 IC1101 Core

02/06/2019 Abell 2218  Lensing
02/06/2019 Quantum Mechanics 10 Dimensions

02/07/2019 - comment - Drake Equation

02/07/2019 Time Travel

02/08/2019 - comment - Time Dilation

02/08/2019   Aliens

02/08/2019 - comment - TNO ice

02/08/2019 - comment - Sun sound waves

02/09/2019 Neutron Star

02/09/2019 - comment -Alien  overlords

02/10/2019 SMBH calculation  update

02/13/2019 Milky Way Center

02/13/2019 - comment - Higgs Boson

02/14/2019 - comment - Pulsar
02/15/2019 - comment - Black matter
02/15/2019 - comment - Neil Degrasse Tyson

02/16/2019  Begin Time

02/17/2019 Cosmic Microwave Background CMB
02/17/2019 - comment - Centaurus A

02/19/2019 -  comment -  Does a black hole explode

02/19/2019 -  comment -  consciousness and universe

02/22/2019 Red Shifts are Geocentric

02/23/2019 Universe Expansion is Geocentric

02/24/2019  -  comment - Antimatter

02/26/2019 Is Big Bang Logical

02/27/2019 Is Big Bang Logical - group exchanges

02/28/2019 Is Black Hole Singularity Logical

03/01/2019 SMBH Masses

03/02/2019 - comment  - SMBH spin rate

03/06/2019 Space Time Curvature

03/07/2019 Hubble’s Law

03/08/2019 Electromagnetic Waves

03/09/2019 Does a Photon Exist

03/10/2019 Photon Spin Entanglement

03/10/2019 - comment  - video about quantum superposition

03/11/2019 Creating Round Craters

03/12/2019 - comment  - Human Life in relation to nature

3/15/2019 - comment  - YORP effect

03/18/2019 Local Group is Isolated

03/18/2019 Andromeda Galaxy group has unique  blue shift

new posts to the FB group will be inserted in chronological order.

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