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M87 Core

Here is a Cal tech article about the M87 core.

This core is known for a jet visible in near infrared; a picture is in this article.

This galaxy is big and bright in light , radio, X-ray. Apparently there is a jet visible in X-ray in the opposite direction from the one visible in infrared.

Perhaps I need an astronomy textbook bit I could not find a good description for the orbits in an elliptical.

I found this:
 Stars in elliptical galaxies tend to have orbits that are randomly oriented within the galaxy; that is, there is no homogeneous rotation like disk  galaxies. They can be spherical, like galaxy M87, or more elongated like a rugby ball or American football, for example galaxy M32.

With random orbit orientations of positively charged stars moving around the galactic center there must be electromagnetic forces in play to prevent collapse.
From another reference about its size:
Deep long exposure photographs have revealed that Virgo A extends far beyond 120,000 light years, showing that the galaxy's outer regions are quite elongated rather than circular and occupy an area of over half a degree, more than the full Moon.


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