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Venus Runaway Greenhouse

Whenever I read or hear about Venus, a runaway greenhouse effect will be mentioned. I just watched a video about what we know about Venus including recent observations and of course this 'effect' is why Venus is so hot.
That theory was debunked long ago. For example, Kronos volume 4 in 1978 had several articles about it.
Carl Sagan had proposed this 'runaway effect' to counter Velikovsky's prediction Venus would be hot.
The ideal gas law observes temperature is proportional to pressure so the higher pressure on Venus must result in a higher temperature. Despite that observed behavior, a 'runaway' temperature is proposed but driven by the concentration of carbon dioxide.

The high temperature on Venus can be explained with 'no feedback' or no 'runaway' effect.

I believe the Kronos issue is not available online but here is another refutation of that theory, from 2010.

I post this as just a reminder there are more wrong theories still commonly accepted; progress can be slow.

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