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Gravitational Lensing again

Cosmology must reconsider the way it assumes light behaves in a gravitational field.

Light is electromagnetic radiation or perpendicular synchronized electric and magnetic fields.
 An electric field or a magnetic field cannot be affected by a gravitational field. Only mass can.
Light has no mass.
Light cannot be affected by a gravitational field.

In my 3/25 post I pointed out electromagnetic radiation can be bent in an electric field. The electric fields can interact.

Both the strength of a gravitational field and an electric field depend on the mass generating the field.
The observed bending of light by the sun in 1919 was due to its electric field not due to its gravity.

The goal of the observation in 1919 was to confirm a prediction based on a gravitational field. That prediction was based on the wrong assumption; gravity can't bend light .

The observation in 1919 actually confirmed the bending of light by an electric field.

Gravity does not bend light. The Moon fairly often will occult distant objects. There is never an observed lens effect. There are videos online of this event and the star does not 'move' as proposed by a lens. There is never a notice about the moon's lensing for any position measurement at the occultation event. Everyone knows the moon does not lens.

To propose gravitational lensing works with only the sun or the moon's gravity is incapable of it is not logical.

Back on 1/19/2019 I posted about this plasma bending of light even including a link to the reference.

If light is recognized to be unaffected by a gravitational field then other assumptions based on that mistake must be re-evaluated.

If the 1919 observation cannot be debated then it has been elevated to dogma, to be believed regardless of any other evidence.

There are many claims of very distant objects (meaning high red shift) being affected by a gravitational lens.
This claim is extremely misleading. The problem is a high red shift object can appear in front of or next to a low red shift. This combination  has been known for many years due to Halton Arp's research.
By proposing gravitational lensing this awkward observation of large red shifts now becomes an illusion. The light is supposedly bent to appear where it should not be.

This is not a confirmation of lensing but rather the proposed lensing allows this persistent explanation of the claimed illusion.

Gravitational lensing is impossible.

I had several comments:

Only the sun has enough gravity for us to see the bend. The moon doesn't.
The wavelength of light is stretched due to red-shifting.
 red shift is from gravity

After this I added this comment:

As a scientist I am appalled by this gravitational lensing.
It is known an electric field can bend light because the electric fields will interact.

I know of no observation where a gravitational field has affected an electric field or a magnetic field. Gravity involves mass while EM forces involve electrical charges.

Scientists are supposed to explain observations. The proposed explanation is supposed to be tested and verified. Until that has been done this gravitational lensing is an untested theory and it is not appropriate to claim this behavior, bending the path of light, has been adequately explained. Even worse there is an alternate explanation that is logical and certainly can be tested.

Instead we are told to believe the untested theory is the correct explanation.
As a scientist this is not acceptable.

It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong.
Richard P. Feynman
Gravitational lensing is impossible.

This resulted in this comment:

You're assuming gravity is a force. If Einstein was correct and gravity is a distortion of space/time, then light is simply bending through the warped space.

someone else added:

I thought gravity bends space Light follows that bend

After this I added this comment:

I honestly cannot test whether gravity alone can bend light.
I can certainly disagree, using just logic, that the proposed gravitational lensing by relativity is not correct.
Relativity has a basic assumption : these 'relativistic' behaviors are for only an accelerating observer. If the observer is not accelerating then normal physics applies.

An observer with mass can have its (the observer's) acceleration affected by gravity.

There are 3 logical arguments:
1) light is never accelerating. The velocity for the propagation of the electromagnetic fields is fixed.

2) there is no observer on the light. We are observing the light; we are not the light.

3) light or electromagnetic radiation has no mass and is not affected by gravity.

If a test can be performed for a gravitational lens in a vacuum where there is only that mass and no plasma, no electric fields, no magnetic fields to affect the propagation of EMF then I will be convinced gravity alone can bend light.

That is a reasonable test.

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