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Xenon-124 for Dark Matter

Scientists are using a quantity of Xenon-124 to search for dark matter.

I posted on September 14 scientists also used this experiment to measure the half-life of Xenon-124.

However the original goal was detecting dark matter.

It failed so they used this 'most comprehensive' system to do something constructive by measuring the Xenon -124 half life.

This is the result of that dark matter search:
Directly detecting dark matter would be one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time – but it's no easy feat to find something that's invisible and barely interacts with regular matter. Now the results are in from one of the most comprehensive dark matter experiments ever run, and while the stuff was again a no-show, the study helps scientists zero in on where it might be hiding.

These experiments are usually focused on specific candidate particles, and although none of them have directly borne fruit yet, they've each helped narrow the search.
Although it was calculated that two events should be detected in that time, the XENON1T team reports seeing no signals at all. A null-result isn't a complete washout though – instead, it tells the scientists that dark matter particles must be smaller than previously suspected, below the range of the instrument's sensitivity.

This is  embarrassing. They are looking for something that does not exist (by my reasoning and others) but when nothing is detected the conclusion is the equipment is inadequate.

My 2 main reasons to doubt dark matter:
1. it is needed to explain spiral galaxy rotation but the ignored galactic magnetic field drives the rotation.
2. it is needed to explain observed galaxy cluster filaments and structures. The ignored plasma and 'invisible' electromagnetic forces are critical, not weak gravity from only visible objects.

These failed experiments have an effect on the host community.
Symmetry Magazine had an article titled 'Gran Sasso: A tale of physics in the mountains
revealing problems encountered while constructing these experiments very deep underground.

There are other online articles about XENON1T. They describe even more details about the search for dark matter with this system.

It is an unfortunate waste of human and material resources to pursue dark matter.


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