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 Cosmology Facebook Group Post Result

On 07/18/2019 I posted about an X-ray point source.
I posted this topic to the Cosmology Facebook group.

The conclusion could be surprising to some: X-ray sources claimed to be a black hole are probably not one. Each spectrum must be verified for the signature of thermal radiation.
M87 core was claimed to be a black hole but was found to be a plasmoid generating synchrotron radiation, confirmed by its spectrum.
The post linked to a study confirming quasars and BL Lac objects in their spectrum indicate no thermal radiation but rather each spectrum is consistent with synchrotron radiation.

These objects do not have a black hole as claimed, after this check.

Each claimed black hole must have its spectrum checked or that claim is not justified.

I expect all black holes will disappear after being checked.

Black holes are claimed to exist after a wrong interpretation of relativity.

The post result:

For 23 hours its status was still 'pending review' but then I stopped monitoring for a week.
On 7/25/2019, one week after posting, my post was gone. It was not pending nor was it posted for the group to see.
It was removed from the site.

With such an insulated policy the Cosmology Face Book group is a waste of time for one seeking to learn.

The Cosmology Facebook group has this on its home page:

Learn with us.

In my experience the group is managed like:
Learn with us as we control what you see.

Alternately: Listen to us.

This group has many members but clearly they are learning nothing new when never exposed to alternate views.
Instead of learning, its members get only what they are already comfortable with.

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