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 Space Time Geometry - Reaction

My post had begun:

Much of modern physics involves the geometry of spacetime.
Some times this geometry is interpreted wrong. this is a long justification for that conclusion because I expect some disagreement.

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The first comment to the post:

A graphic of two hands showing applause.

<that was a very pleasant surprise for me!>

Subsequent comments:

What about Riemannian Geometry ?!?!

Must take this in one bite at time. I'm not that slow. Didn't say one byte at a time

The whole thing is complete rubbish, don't waste your time Steve.
David, before telling people things are wrong, you need to learn what they say. Relativity is a complex mathematical subject and your guesswork is miles away from the actual maths.

My response:

This is strictly a logical argument interpreting the theory. No math in the theory is ever mentioned.
Perhaps my logic is invalid but math is not involved.
The basis for the special theory of relativity is the accelerating observer's space time geometry.
If I do not understand that theory correctly then this is a mistake. A critical comment must define the error in interpretation. No one needs to know the equations when this is just logic. If I made a mistake in logic it should be readily apparent.

A new comment was added:

Great read
There were no subsequent comments. I will continue to monitor the page but after the debacle following my post about a black hole my reputation in this group is ruined.

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