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Local Group Isolated - exchanges

My post about Local Group Isolated from its space - received this initial response:

This can also mean that there is no fabric of space-time, but we interpret the wrong shift to red.

My response:

Expansion of the universe has nothing to do with space-time. Astronomers noted all distant objects are red shifted some even faster than c. To an unbiased observer this symmetry around earth is clearly a measurement/observation problem. Instead of dealing with that oddity a fabric of space was proposed with no evidence for it. aether was never detected but it came back. Those distant objects are riding on this magic carpet that is expanding faster than c.

Another responded with:

 Light from distance objects is viewed back in time
The greater the distance the further back in time
So how can they determine the expansion rate
By observing further and further back in time

My response:

 I realize when astronomers look at something assumed to be billions of light years away the light must be that old for us to see it. The method to get that distance to the light source is very suspicious. The 'back in time' approach tries to make that manipulation of distances easier to sell.

His response:
the most distance galaxies are young small and combining

My response:
 The highest red shifts are young and small and are growing.

Halton Arp showed  high red shift objects are the youngest. As they move away from their parent galaxy they grow and their red shift reduces.
High red shifts are not back in time but a reflection of their age. As their red shift drops astronomers make the simple assumption they are getting closer to earth. The observation of high red shift objects in front of low red shift objects clearly falsifies that assumption.
Red shifts are more complicated than assumed.

Date updated 03/22/2019

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