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  Gravitational Wave Event Controversy

There was an interesting controversy about the LIGO event claimed to be a BH-BH merger. The event is GW150914.

Fermi claimed it might have detected a gamma ray burst at that time.

There are several problems with this claim:
1) Fermi does not have absolute certainty of its GRB detection,
2) a BH-BH merger is supposed to have no electromagnetic signal; only the NS-NS merger could result in gamma rays.

3) the ESA satellite detected no gamma rays that day.

4) the event reveals there is no mechanism available to independently verify that a BH-BH merger claimed to be detected by LIGO actually occurred.

Without an independent confirmation by LIGO, the LIGO claim of a BH-BH merger could have been either that or if the controversial claim by Fermi is valid then the LIGO claim was not confirmed but was found to be another type of event. Perhaps it could have been something else beyond those two. A new moon was on the day before the event, on 2015-09-13.
LIGO claims for BH-BH mergers are published without an independent confirmation. Fermi had attempted to provide that check for this event.

The researchers have recognized this problem with LIGO.

One of the next goals of the LIGO collaboration is to couple their gravitational wave findings -- for all future detections -- with electromagnetic (light-based) signals.


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