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Supernova standard candle

I had assumed standard candles like a Cepheid or Supernova were not dependent on other assumptions. Calculating the brightness dimming for distance seems straight forward.

New supernova distance calculations can be affected by a calculated distance from a red shift.

This news story:
As a result, the team identified 5 super luminous supernovae, and about 400 Type Ia supernovae. Fifty-eight of these Type Ia supernovae were located more than 8 billion light years away from Earth.

Something is superluminous because either a) it is very bright or b) the distance is wrong - too far; so it is not dimmed correctly by that assumed distance.

A supernova at 8 billion light years would be in a galaxy having an extreme red shift. If the red shift to distance translation is wrong then these supernova are not super luminous.

As technology improves we will continue to find red shifts increasing for those distances. I dread super-super luminous objects.


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