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Crisis for Cosmology

All motions of objects in the universe are determined by lines in a spectrum for the object's light. This is a fundamental assumption and problem.

The assumption is these lines, generated by elements or compounds between us and  the large object generating that light, are indicating that same motion in the large object behind these elements.
When these lines are interpreted wrong then that all based on that foundation must be reconsidered. The objects are not always moving at the velocity indicated by separate atoms.

Here are simple examples.
1) Quasars have an emission line for hydrogen with an extreme red shift. The quasar is capable of accelerating hydrogen ions to a velocity faster than light within an unknown distance above the surface.
The conclusion the quasar is moving at the same superluminal  velocity as these ions is not justified.

2) The only objects in the universe having a blue shift are around our local group. These objects have calcium absorption lines with a blue shift so the calcium atoms are moving toward us.

The conclusion these galaxies are  moving at the same velocity as these atoms is not justified.

3) All galaxies beyond our local group exhibit a red shift indicating everything is moving away.
Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, being just a proton and electron. This neutral hydrogen is common in intergalactic space though at a very low density. It can generate a red shifted hydrogen absorption line in the light passing through it. The shift is related to the length of the 'column' of hydrogen so a source farther away (through more hydrogen) shows a greater red shift.

The conclusion these galaxies are  moving at the same velocity as these atoms is not justified.

Once this mistake about spectral lines is recognized changes are needed in cosmology.
Quasars moving faster than light forced the concept of an expanding fabric of space to accommodate a velocity that should be impossible for such objects. This 'fabric of space' should go away, for it is a mistake; there is no aether.

This post follows up after posts on


4/12. After discovering those details  this crisis is obvious.

After posting this, then on 4/14,  I posted about another mistake - the hubble flow.

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