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Virgo-centric Flow and no Hubble Flow

There is a known Virgocentric Flow and it is important for justifying the removal of the wrong Hubble Flow and the accompanying wrong expansion of the universe.

from Wikipedia.
The Virgocentric flow (VCF) is the preferred movement of Local Group galaxies towards the Virgo cluster caused by its overwhelming gravity, which separates bound objects from the Hubble flow of cosmic expansion. The VCF can refer to the Local Group's movement towards the Virgo Supercluster, since its center is considered synonymous with the Virgo cluster, but more tedious to ascertain due to its much larger volume. The excess velocity of Local Group galaxies towards, and with respect to, the Virgo Cluster are 100 to 400 km/s. This excess velocity is referred to as each galaxy's peculiar velocity.

This 'excess velocity' means the red shifts are higher in the Local Group compared to the Virgo Supercluster.

<I added this next line when I posted to another FB group.>

This is a problem for an expanding universe when closer galaxies recede faster than those more distant.

There are important consequences from this observation.

1) It is simply wrong to refer to velocities when the observation is red shifts.
My post on April 24 explained why many red shifts are associated with distance.

2) VCF has nothing to do with gravity. VCF involves red shifts due to hydrogen.
3) Hubble's Law must be rewritten.

There is an observed relationship between red shifts and distance but there is nothing about velocity relative to distance.

4) The description of the Hubble Flow and its plot must be rewritten.
This plot is of red shifts relative to approximate distance. There should be no mention of velocity.
5) This plot has no uniform slope over observed red shifts (when including VCF) so there is no 'constant' Hubble's Constant.
6) The slope can vary depending on direction and distance  based on the intervening galactic clusters, which have observed different densities for the intergalactic neutral hydrogen (whose density causes the relationship between a red shift and a distance).
7) As the observed red shifts are plotted by direction and apparent visual distance there will be different lines. I assume the transitions are probably rounded as I doubt a gas density would change abruptly.
The slope will change near a rough range of certain red shifts because the distance for that red shift has a different ratio due to a different density of hydrogen in general areas of intergalactic space.

8) There is definitely no Hubble Flow as currently described because there is no velocity involved in any of these observations.

9) There is no justification for an expanding universe because there is no velocity involved in any of these observations.
10) if distances were calculated for galaxies beyond the Virgo supercluster based on their red shift then those distances are probably wrong because of varying density in intergalactic neutral hydrogen.
11) There are periodic news stories about updating the Hubble Constant by a few km/s. These are checks for red shifts and these exercises don't do what is claimed.

I had posted on April 24 about the assumption about red shifts underlying the Hubble Flow.

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