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Andromeda Core

Here is a NASA article about the Andromeda core.

An excerpt:
Under the right circumstances, ..., as the material falls in it is heated to blazingly high temperatures, releasing a huge amount of X-rays.

"We have come to realize in the past few years that it is likely the lower-mass remnants of normal stellar evolution, the black holes and neutron stars, may play a crucial role in heating of the intergalactic gas..."

A blazingly hot gas would be ionized - or plasma. A plasma pinch generates X-rays.

The picture of the core looks like a spiral filament at what is apparently the core. Birkeland currents often take a helical form. It is well known there are plasma filaments between galaxies as part of very large structures. Our own supercluster Laniakea certainly exhibits them.

There is more happening in this core than just  black holes and an accretion of material.


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